E3 '08's Top 5 Speculations from XboxOZ360 (Part Two)

"E3 this year represents why all gamers on all platforms should be thankful for what many call the "console-war", or what we prefer to call here at XboxOZ360-gamer as a little "healthy-competition". The result has meant that gamers of all shapes and sizes are more spoilt for choice now, than at any time in recent history.

With the ESA losing support, many of the longer standing supporters will no longer be in attendance, but that doesn't mean to say the place will be empty of without support. So as in Part One, we are going to let some of the remaining staff members speak for themselves and tell you what interests them most, not just for the 360, but also for the Wii and PS3.

So let's continue checking out more What-Ifs, Rumours & Prayers for E3 '08..."

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Superfragilistic3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Interesting series. I like the fact they're an Xbox site but include the Wii, PS3 and PC in their picks. That 9.9 for MGS4 earned them some serious kudos. Much more detail than most sites E3 predictions to.

Anyway Part One is here if you missed it

Superfragilistic3731d ago

I'd buy it, if I can play as a foul mouthed Conker! lol

gaminoz3731d ago

I'd love to see big bulky Marcus Fenix go up against agile Altair. Smash Bros really brings in all sorts of gamers and is fun even for my 5 year old, so yeah I'd like to see a Microsoft version with non-Nintendo characters. I'm so sick of Kurby, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mario etc.

Nitrowolf23731d ago

wasnt there an article for Super smash for PS3?
i have to admit it would be sweet to see a version for each console.
the only advantage i see with the PS3 and Xbox version is that it would have better online and better commincation in game

Godem3731d ago

looking good, it would be great if Halo 4 came... or Zelda.. oh well cant wait for the live stream.

Tacki3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Oh boy, Smash Siblings just sounds hilarious to me. lol

But the last thing we need is more companies copying each other. I want to see more orginal titles... as long as they're not half-assed motion sensor crap.

The only thing I really disagree with is the guy who said...

"The 360 has quickly defined itself as the console of choice for the RPG gamer."

Maybe western RPG's... which I'm sure is what they guy meant. I agree with that. However, even with exclusive releases like Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean and Tales of Vespiria... I wouldn't call it the console of choice for JRPG fans. In fact I wouldn't call ANY console in this generation that just yet. It's too early to be throwing terms like that around I think. But I understand what the guy was saying anyway. I just would have preferred sliding 'western' in there as there is quite a difference.

Superfragilistic3731d ago

Yeah I've had this discussion with many N4G users and in particular JRPG fans. The best JRPG platform would have to be the PS2 with the DS close behind. But if we're talking about the current generation nobody is close to the 360 at the moment until Final Fantasy XII comes out for PS3 sometime next year.

Tacki3731d ago

Though I do think the PS1 had its share of classic RPG's as well. In fact there's many that I never had the chance at so I'll probably end up going back for some games such as Xenogears and Vagrant Story. I'm looking most forward to FFXIII and White Knight Story. However, Star Ocean and Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant (and to a lesser extent Tales of Vespiria)look promising. Doesn't really matter to me what console gets 'em as long as we start to see more JRPG's. This generation's been kinda dry, but it seems like they're all starting to pop up in the coming months.

Other than those I'll be looking into Mass Effect (still haven't gotten to play it) and hoping for a new KOTOR. I felt the second game was a little weaker, but still great and probably the best Star Wars game I've played.

Look at me I'm rambling now. Anyways... things are looking good for both consoles on the RPG front!

Immortal Kaim3731d ago

That would actually be quite fun.... The Smash brothers idea :)