X360 review: Unreal Tournament III

First things fraggin' first: play Unreal Tournament III offline or on and you're getting slightly different shades of the same blistering experience and both are as swift as sh*t from a goose. While other titles often feature single-player campaigns but are, in cold reality, really multiplayer titles with a single-player mode that justifies itself with a trite story slapped to run-to-waypoint-to-progress levels, UT III sticks firmly to its guns and provides arena combat so nauseatingly perfected that ideally you'll need to play with a spare adrenal gland ready to one side, lest the other shrivel to a prune. Devoid of any fat and honed to perfection, this is the game to separate the muzzle-spittling gonks from true sporting champions.

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BLUR1113519d ago

No MODS!!!! here we go fanboys lets here it no MODS! anyways can't wait to pick ut3 up.

mikeslemonade3519d ago

Yep, correct no mods and no keyboard mouse support. Go buy your gimped version of UT3. I've been playing UT3 on PS3 since it has been released. Without mods this game last a few weeks maybe.

BLUR1113519d ago

Simple excuses, go play rathet and clank or something

mikeslemonade3519d ago

Good idea i never finished ratchet. But I rather play UT3 because it's a game that i never get tired of because of the mods and mouse/keyboard support on the PS3.

Bucky Sligo3519d ago

I hope you are not part of the people saying "we'll just play it on PC later on" to every Xbox360 exclusive, because then you are a hypocrite.

Jo0j3519d ago

gimped? the PS3 can't even handle running the game splitscreen. LOL

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Rich16313519d ago

UT3 is very average in my opinion. The gameplay formula is starting to wear thin; it hasn't changed much in 9 years. "Run, Shoot, Die, Repeat" That is all UT3 is, just a mindless 'run N' gun' game with no real incentive to play online. The next one better be overhauled with ranking, unlockables and WITH AN ACTUAL CAMPAIGN!!!!!!!!

WIIIS13519d ago

I didn't enjoy UT3 on the PS3 at all, but it could be a community thing, or rather lack of it. Still, no reason to get it on 360 with Gears coming out just a few months later.

AAACE53519d ago

I really don't know if I care about this game! I lost interest in Unreal games while playing the ones on Xbox and Ps2. So I don't think I will be picking this one up! Well... Maybe if the demo seems more interesting than the past ones... Maybe... but I doubt it!

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The story is too old to be commented.