Universal PS3 Trophy support thrown into doubt

MCV: Insomniac, Infinity Ward and 2K Games all say they won't patch existing titles.

Despite claims that the PS3's entire software catalogue will eventually boast support for PS3's new Trophy system, three developers have now come out and stated that they will not be patching their existing titles.

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Fishy Fingers3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

"Despite claims that the PS3's entire software catalogue will eventually boast support for PS3's new Trophy system"

Didnt they originally say around 70% of the current catalogue? Personally I never expected complete support on already released games, it requires work on the developers end and some of them must be to busy working on current/future games to go back. CoD4 is a real shame though.

blu3print3615d ago

is to be expected, they wouldn't even patch in DS3 support.The way how gamers support that game claiming it the best ever, playing it basically non-stop and this is the thanks they get

thor3615d ago

Yeah they really have shunned PS3 gamers. I have COD4 for PC, I got the map pack for free (not that it was that great, doubt if anyone plays it much now) and of course there is no rumble but I can play the game in an HD resolution, with decent controls and lag-free online...

Lifendz3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

I want every game from LBP on to have Trohpy support. If it doesn't have it then maybe it's an indie game or a PS2/PS1 classic. But I'd really like to see ALL games have trophy support after LBP.

I like that we have it in place. I like that it's not "cheesy" or "corny". The multtiered system is sweet.

If Devs don't want to take the time/money to patch it in for past games they darn sure had better have it in future games.

Sony has stayed above water by not holding 3rd parties to any edicts like MS: download size, etc. Times have changed. Sony's install base is strong and the console is selling well. Time to mandate that 3rd parties use trophies in all games.

plenty a tool3615d ago

unlike games on the 360, they have no obligation to put trophies in their games, but not just that, why bother when wasting resources for a game that's already 7 months old. and again waste resources when you have bigger and better things in development???

to think that devs and publishers are just gonna say.

"wow 2.40 is here, let's drop everything and work on trophies for it" is a bit niave!

mikeslemonade3615d ago

Microsoft forcing things to happen isn't always a good thing it prevents developers freedom. Achievements might be good because it doesn't take much work, but forcing online in every game and forcing the arcade game limit to not reach past the certain limit.

And developers implementing achievements in older games is stupid. That's like xbox 1 games having achievements. It's here on out the games will all have achievements. 1st party games will have them no doubt and 3rd party games they will just copy over whatever achievements the 360 version has.

fusionboxer3614d ago

I don't even know why there's any doubt at all. Trophy support will most likely be universal for all the new games on their way. Insomniac, Infinity Ward, and some others might've said they won't patch old games with trophies, but Insomniac has already confirmed trophy support for Resistance 2, and Infinity Ward said they would have loved to implement such a feature on release day or shortly after. So again...why is there any doubt for future universal trophy support?


If other developers paid any attention to the huge spike in sales for super stardust HD and it's expansion pack EVERYONE would be patching up old games this very moment.

ThanatosDMC3614d ago

COD4 not supporting might have to do with COD5 being in development. They're probably busy.

Organic_Chemistry3614d ago

To be honest with you all, the only thing that got me to take MGS4 out of the ps3 and put in CoD4 was the hope that there would be some reason to play CoD4 with trophies, but since theyre not going to patch in trophies, IW suck suck balls cause' theyre not getting my money for CoD6, IW is a POS, Konami, however, actually cares about its customers, guess you cant rely on American money monger businesses

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gundamx3615d ago

i no trophies aren't that big of a deal but that is sad to see that some developers don't wanna add a patch. it would have provided some enjoyable reply value. oh well im gona get back into playn sum dbz burstlimit:)

BananaSlug3615d ago

dont blame the developers for something sony should have had a long time ago

kewlkat0073615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

but then again you can't blame them, it's the Devs that implement most of online functions themselves.

On XBL it's the other way around. The dev do little work besides putting achievement in every game and implementing the multi-player functions if the game have it. MS takes care of the rest.

Sony doesn't have every dev on the same page, so they do what they want, when they feel like it or they are just not obligated.Part of it is lazyness or maybe they wanna focus on new games.

Panthers3615d ago

Freedom is one of the things that attracts devs to the PS3 though. Creating trophies is easy and it will probably be in every future game. Patching them in would probably be easy too, but whatever.

I would like to see Resistance have them.


is that these damn "2.4 was a failure" articles wont be plaguing n4g for the coming days.

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juuken3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

That's a load of bull.
edit: Oooh, phantom disagree! Mind telling me why you disagreed? I agree that they should at least offer trophy support for those titles.

user8586213615d ago

developers are just 2 lazy!!! sony have said it only takes half a day to implement them onto a game so wtf are the devs playin at!!!!

xboxftw3615d ago (Edited 3615d ago )

@waseem / nasim/shmee tanod/lenhart and 20 other identities

"developers are just 2 lazy" They are busy making new games for consoles not waiting for lazy a$$ sony to implement features 10 years after teh launch. You ignorant idiot blame sony not the devs. Evertime sony screws up u droids put blame on MS, lazy devs, corrupt politicians, global warming etc.

You got the raw deal of bd player with half of games console live with it stop blamming others for sony's fcking mistakes.

It takes half a day, either go make it urself of tell ur God Sony to make it for all games.

Pain3615d ago

Just make sure NEW games have it. other then that who gives a Sh!t.

ThatCanadianGuy3615d ago

Notice how all these 360 fanatics are going through the seven stages..

denial,anger,resentment,jelou sy,ignorance,deppresion,And soon

THE ONLY THING 360 fanboys had left to say was better was there online,now that's gone..they dont know what to do.

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Hulligan853615d ago

Well i guess we'll now see which game developers actually give a Sh!t about their customers/fans.

Obviously those three mentioned in the article dont care, so i'll be voting with my wallet and not buying anymore of their games.

Bucky Sligo3615d ago

Don't blame the developers, blame Sony for only patching it on this late. The developers don't have time to patch all their games for features that Sony only added now.

BananaSlug3615d ago

insomniac has put out 2 exclusive big budget games for Sony on the ps3, and is on their third exclusive for the ps3. they have been making exclusives since the ps1, so don't talk like they don't care about Sony fans.

cod4 is a multiplatform game that runs, looks, and plays pretty well on the ps3 when compared to other multiplatform games, so don't talk like they don't care about Sony fans

get over it. Sony should have had ds3 and trophy functionality much sooner.

xboxftw3615d ago

LOL @ hulligan

"i'll be voting with my wallet and not buying anymore of their games. "

The only games worth on ps3 are by these developers in last 2 years so now you'll be only buying capcom and Ea games. Oh wait, i though sony fans boycotted them as well. And dont forget to add valve to ur list. Great now u hv 2 games to look forward to for the next 2 years.

Infernus3614d ago

I wouldn't go out and say that if I were you, the teams listed were talking about patching previous titles. Apparantely Sony are going to make sure all future games have trophy support to get certified as a PS3 game. So yeah future games will have them. Patching COD4 when they're working on COD5 is a little tough, I think they should get the PSN games updated first, then the big titles by the beginning of September, before LBP hits.

I see LBP as the Home-ready game for Sony, it's the community game that will lead people into Home. I don't necessarily think trophies will help do that but I believe trophy support is required for Sony to be able to hype up the 3D trophy functionality in Home. R2 and Motorstorm 2 will have trophies and I'm sure you don't need me to list anymore future titles, Sony haven't just given us a trophy system without planning the dev support for it.

They have it covered, just be patient and wait for the patches to start rolling in. Btw Warhawk could count as a PSN game, so patch it up fast Sony :D

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GlossGreen3615d ago

if there is trophy support added to the old games, great. If not, well, they are still fun games to play. Either way, I'll be happy.

TheExecutive3615d ago

exactly. However, I do expect games that are in mid development now to have them. That and in-game music. if they dont, it will be one more reason not to buy a game.