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From PS3 Attitude: "As you play through The Bourne Conspiracy - or TBC as we'll call it from now on to save precious key presses - you feel a number of different emotions. Elation. Surprise. Satisfaction. Frustration.

TBC does have some great ideas. As you play through the early levels, you are treated to a whole slew of set pieces. When you hear the 'cinematic sound effect', you know it is time to focus on the bottom of the screen to see which button you need to press in order to progress. Going through the game, these cinematic elements become more complicated and require quick reactions if you want to continue without restarting from the last checkpoint.

Whilst a lot of gamers don't like these 'Simon Says' elements, such as the many that littered Heavenly Sword or any God of War game, they do add variety to the gameplay. In TBC, the successful completion of these sequences results in a Hollywood-style payoff, some of which will make you say 'Wow' out loud - especially if you complete them first time..."

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nofilter3700d ago

Great review, very in-depth. I really enjoyed the hand-to-hand combat in the game.

DolphGB3700d ago

...much appreciated. :-)