Are these the weirdest videogames ever?

Five of the oddest games of all time: did they really make a computer game out of Frankie Goes To Hollywood?

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crimsonfox3730d ago

the weirdest game i have ever played was 7 ups

cool spot

not because it was a "different" game but i thought it was really odd playing that character

Madgunner3730d ago

i remember playing that game when iwas like 4 man that game was the tits.. so was Micheal Jackson's game for genisis

propheta3730d ago

It's a Treasure game for the PS2 which is called FreakOut in Europe. It's quite impressive actually and genuinely freaky.

But I think that this author was after the light-freaky games, not the really FREAKY games. Wanna know more on the subject, google for:

Mel Croucher or Automata's spectrum games
9 The Last Resort for the PC
Eastern Mind for the PC
LSD - Dream Emulator for the PSX
Paranoiascape for the PC and the PSX
Peter Gabriel's Eve for the PC
Pu.Li.Ru.La the arcade game
Switch /or Panic! for the Sega CD
Blue Ice for the PC
Weird Dreams for the Amiga

the list could go to a hundred if I had the time...

ReaperXL73730d ago

I think my pick for the oddest game that I have ever played would have to be Seaman for the Dreamcast, it was weird beyond words, and the fish man was just kind of creepy.