Ninja Gaiden 2 Review - A beautiful, blood soaked frenzy or a broken, cheap mess? (XboxOZ360)

"With time a lot has changed across Ninja Gaiden's many iterations; the stories make even less sense; platforming has become a shadow of its former self; the game has become a noted graphical and animation showcase; and combat has evolved into arguably the finest engine the industry has ever seen. The only thing that hasn't changed all that much is Ninja Gaiden's difficulty, and whilst immensely rewarding to those who succeed it seems appropriate, given lead game designer Tomonobu Itagaki's "unique" attitude, to not just say that Ninja Gaiden 2 is hard… But ladies and gents, it's f-ing brutal!

As much as God of War could learn from Ninja Gaiden's combat engine, Itagaki could learn just as much of how to take control of cameras in third person. As it is you will battle the camera much like the onscreen foes, shifting position and using your thumbsticks for the best advantage.

Ninja Gaiden 2 takes everything from the genre defining Ninja Gaiden Black of 2005 and covers it in a next-gen smattering of speed, precision and lots and lots of blood. Unfortunately, when I say everything that means everything and whilst at a gameplay level it is the closest to perfection yet seen, it is let down considerably by an unhelpful camera, uninspired level design, and inexplicable technical issues for a AAA title published by Microsoft..."

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Superfragilistic3697d ago

If only they'd have fixed the camera and the graphical oddities and this would of been even better!

Lots of laughs at the "blood bug" in the review though. :)

gaminoz3697d ago

I just finished DMC4 so I think I'll wait for awhile. The demo was fun though!

Superfragilistic3697d ago

Yeah I loved it whilst it lasted... Much more than DMC4 in fact. But the level of frustration is something I don't have the time to deal with beyond the Warrior difficulty. One day I'll beat it at the highest difficulty like I did Black, but in the meantime I'm having much easier fun with Civ and GRID. Those games rock! :)

XboxOZ3603697d ago

WHile I've only played a little of it, it is quite challenging that's for sure. The ninjas are okay to get through, especially with the Lunar Staff, but when it comes to the Big Bosses, well . . they take a little pounding than normal.

It's a game I'll eventually get around to slashing my way through, but for now, I'll stick with my GRID and such-like where I know my opponents can be beaten . .

Superfragilistic3697d ago

Yeah there's that boss at the end of New York in the subway that could just resolutely discourage more casual gamers from ever picking it up again! lol

And GRID is awesome! :p

gaminoz3697d ago

Well I'm not a big fan of boss fights anyway: I think that if they are too hard then it is just a sign of a lazy game-maker who wants to artificially extend the game through sheer difficulty. Japanese game developers are particularly prone to it....

Godem3697d ago

I would rate this a 7/10, its just such a bug ridden and lesser game that its predecessor.

that being said, good review with valid points.

gaminoz3697d ago

Don't you wish that games really had better testing for bugs? I'm playing Alone in the Dark and the bugs and clipping really pull you out of the game experience.

Immortal Kaim3697d ago

I haven't played NG2 yet, after reading this review maybe I should just give it a go. I need an 'Oldschool' Challenge :)