Reuters: Sony PS3 catching up to Wii in Japanese sales

Reuters writes: "Nintendo Co Ltd's Wii game console outsold Sony Corp's PlayStation 3 for the seventh consecutive month in Japan in June, a game magazine publisher said.

Nintendo sold 235,990 units of its Wii console in the five weeks ended June 29, while sales of the PS3 came to 139,494 units, Enterbrain said on Thursday."

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Tragedy3666d ago - News for gamers :)

hardmetal3666d ago

Well, it could mean: Not 4 gamers.

Lifendz3666d ago

more Ford Focus' are sold in a month than Mercedes. Doesn't mean the Mercedes is inferior.

plenty a tool3666d ago

and perhaps topple nintendo for a month atleast in japan!

although, sony have had a cracking june in japan. they normally barely hit a pi55poor 50k, getting that means they've done extremely well.

but compared to the mighty ps2 or wii, it's pretty bad which ever way you try and turn it!

coolfool3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I like the analogy, that's exactly right.

Of course the Wii is selling, it's marketed at the casual market with a nice affordable price.

But I wonder, the casual market isn't obviously willing to spend as much on gaming as the "real/hardcore" gamer so while the cheap price of the console was enough to sway them the games aren't any cheaper. Which means there may be a limit on how many or how often the casual gamer will buy games.

And as the bulk of money is usually in software, I also wonder how much actual profit Nintendo are making with the Wii. Now I think Nintendo predicted this so made sure they had profitable hardware from the start.

Lifendz3666d ago

not fair to compare the sales of it to the other two. In fact, some pundents have describe the Wii as a toy. People are buying it for Wii Sports and nothing else. And like I said, it's selling more but that doesn't mean the other two aren't doing well.

And price is a major factor here. Nintendo is actually making money on hardware and they've been making money since day one. The Wii probably only costs a fraction of what it's sold for to produce.

So yeah, The Camry may outsell the BMW M3 but that doesn't mean the Camry is the better of the two cars. One just appeals to a broader demographic than the other.

Same thing with the Wii.

GCNSeanFoster3666d ago

How is that catching up? Headline is misleading as well... Wii sells almost 100,000 more compared to the PS3 and that's called "catching up"?...

Xiru3666d ago

Actually PS3 is selling almost identical to the PS2 at the same point in its life. Go to Vgchartz and do the chart thingy from launch, you will be surprised. Its just that the Wii is selling so much better than the PS2 did, its making the PS3 look bad. The PS3 is doing great. Just look at the price and its selling as well as the PS2. Oh and its not catching up in Japan. :( The Wii outsold PS3 3 to 1 in Japan this week. Although the PS3 outsold the 360 like 6 to 1. I guess we are going to have to live with the fact that the Wii will be the top selling system this gen. It definatley doesn't mean its the best. Not by a long shot. This just means that the Wii will have all the shovelware, like the PS2 did last time around. That means a lot of quality games on PS3. So I guess we can take some positive out of the negative.

thebudgetgamer3665d ago

the only thing that can stop nintendo now is nintendo. they have to stop letting devs make shovelware but besides that nothing can stop them

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Omega43666d ago

even with MGS4 the PS3 couldnt beat the Wii in its own territory at least the 360 could with Halo 3 in the US. Not looking good for Sony not looking good at all.

-Maverick-3666d ago

Your stupid. PS3 is still twice as expensive...yea, it matters a LOT!

Tacki3666d ago

I don't know how this wouldn't be expected. Nothing can match the wii's casual appeal. At least not yet.

slave2Dcontroller3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

This thing doesnt seem to be losing ANY steam at all. The Wii may go down as one of the biggest phenomenoms known to Mankind. Approaching 2 years of being Sold Out at ALL retailers is crazy.

jtucker783666d ago

I bet the Wii is going to be more popular than Buzz Lightyear, Robosapien and Tickle me Elmo combined.

xg-ei8ht3666d ago

That's it, compare a cheap console, to the mother of all systems.

ChickeyCantor3666d ago

I'm just gonna use the Ebay argument.
People even got it when it was sold over a 1000 bucks.
Its not really the " cheap " price.
People actually want it.

forum_crawler3666d ago

I thought they were comparing wii sales with PS3 sales, so why would you make a reference to a PC?

Mother of All Systems = PC. Make no mistake.

Sidar, you are correct. People actually do want to own a wii. I bought one not because it was cheap, but because I wanted to get one so that I could play Nintendo games (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc).

My PC will run circles around a PS3 any day, and yes I do have a Blu-Ray drive on it $150!!! so there...

It's not a money thing...

nycredude3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

If you paid $1000 for a WII then you, and I don't mean this lightly, is a complete moron the likes of which this world has never seen!

Not meaning you but whoever buys it at that price!

Edit: I bought a Wii from my friend who didn't want it anymore. It came with the original box, an extra strap, controller, numchuck, and madden nfl and Wii Sports. All this for $180!!! Me and my girl messed with it for like three hours and then I resold it!

It's great at first but the initial excitement of the controls wear off very quickly.

ChickeyCantor3666d ago

It doesnt matter if he or she is a moron, the point is People do want the Wii and dont buy just because its low priced.

im being objective not subjective.

forum_crawler3664d ago

Well, when it comes to paying too much for a console, there are no bigger morons than those who paid several thousands for their PS3s. I mean, it would be one thing if the thing was impossible to find at the stores, but I guarantee that you can walk into any Best Buy, or any major electronics store and buy one. The same cannot be said about the wii.

I would never pay more than asking price for a game console since I honestly don't see the need for it. If I can't find it at the asking price, then I won't buy it. It really is that simple.

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slave2Dcontroller3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

SURVEY SAID: Kids, Trains, and the #1 answer The Nintendo Wii. That is correct!!!

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