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Sadness Gets Release Date

Nibris has finally locked down a release date for Wii-exclusive Sadness. According to the game's website, the "planned delivery date" is now autumn 2009.

For those who aren't familiar, it's a survival horror game with a film noire feel. Nibris has taken inspiration from Planescape: Torment and Eternal Darkness, and the emphasis is on suspense and atmosphere rather than blood and guts. (Sadness, Wii)

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xboxftw  +   2587d ago
"Sadness Gets Release Date"
I thought it was already released in Nov 2006? It was known as ps3.
Loony Lolly  +   2587d ago
Good to see it finally has a released date - they were showing this off at the Wii's launch, if I remember... Hahaha! Anyway... I admittedly wonder how they intend to pull the game off - is it all similar to an interactive movie, whereby you tell the character to do X or go to Y? If so, then I'm afraid I'd rather miss out. While concentrating on the suspense and stuff is all well and good, I can't see how this'll tickle anyone's fancy...

Anyone care to prove me wrong and give me hope that this game is worth buying?
ItsDubC  +   2587d ago
Nice to see this one isn't vaporware like a lot of ppl were claiming.
Isaac  +   2587d ago
Oh, you see the screenshots?
Awesome! Imagine if there were no screenshots, then maybe we could still say it is vaporware.
ItsDubC  +   2587d ago
I guess I should've made the sarcasm more obvious. I was actually referring to and agreeing w/ our very own bootsielon, who ironically you have much in common with...
PS360WII  +   2587d ago
Okay slowly it's coming to light. We still have to wait a bit more to know if it's really happening ;)
chrstphr567  +   2587d ago
You gotta be kidding me. Q3 2009??? sigh... oh well. I guess it can't be helped.
phantomexe  +   2587d ago
rightttttt...how maney times are they going tell us this game comeing.I'll beleave it when i see it on a store self.This has to be another rumor.What next project hammer at E3.
ChickeyCantor  +   2586d ago
This game....Meh...
untill i see actuall gameplay....
Voiceofreason  +   2586d ago
Good games take time.. Kinda obvious who knows little about gaming by who expected this game to be out already or assumed it was vaporware.
Perverted  +   2586d ago
I mark it on my calendar(it's a 3 year calendar!)....Well it exists and it's coming out. That's me happy. Been looking forward tot his game since it was first mentioned.

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