20° Chart Toppers: Hazy Returns writes: "Ubisoft's Haze didn't exactly live up to expectations, but the game did crack the top 20 and was second only to GTA IV on the PS3 chart. We take a closer look.

Members of the Free Radical Design team have had almost as much effect on FPS titles on consoles as anyone. After all, many FRD members worked on Goldeneye 007, which introduced the genre to an entire generation of console players. The developer is also responsible for the acclaimed TimeSplitters series, which incorporated much of the creativity and variety that made Goldeneye a hit.

It was with no small amount of anticipation, then, that Haze released this past May. The game is the first for Free Radical Design this generation and has seen its release date pushed back multiple times, ostensibly to improve the quality of Haze. We take a closer look at the game's results, looking at Haze's pros and cons."

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gundamx3666d ago

i enjoyed haze:) it was pritty gd i think

PoSTedUP3666d ago

yea dog its an awesome game only if you didnt hype it up thinking it was going to be the greatest fps ever made. online is really fun.