Videogamer: Unreal Tournament 3 Review

Videogamer writes: "After what seems like an eternity (although in reality only four months) Xbox 360 gamers have finally got their hands on Unreal Tournament 3. Due to the game receiving an exclusive console debut on the PlayStation 3 the wait has been a long one for Epic's many 360-owning fans - some would say too long. But it's here now, and there are big questions that demand to be answered. Has it been worth the wait? Is it worth owning now that Bad Company is on the market? And will UT3 keep 360-owning shooter fans happy while they wait for Call of Duty: World at War and Epic's own Gears of War 2? The answer is a resounding yes, yes and yes.

The DarkWalker, Warfare and the Stinger. That's why you should buy Unreal Tournament 3. It's certainly the best Unreal Tournament game in years, but those expecting a complete revamp will be sorely disappointed. The philosophy, clearly, is on getting back to UT's roots, like a kind of fusion between the original UT and UT 2004. You've still got the Flak Cannon, the Bio Gun and the Shock Rifle, but the Shield gun has been replaced by the Impact Hammer and fan favourite tool of destruction the Stinger mini-gun, which sprays light blue crystals at unlucky enemies, triumphantly makes a reappearance."

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SixTwoTwo3729d ago

I've had the PS3 version since launch and it sucks even with the mod support. Its only purpose in my house is as a coaster on the coffee table.

AngryHippo3729d ago

.....this game is not that good at all. I had the PS3 version and i got bored extremely quickly, just run around and shoot and HOPE you hit someone, game of luck and it can get seriously frustrating.

timmyrulz3729d ago

Mods aside, once again the inferior platform gets the superior version

Grim3729d ago

How do you know its the superior version?

xboxftw3729d ago

Played single player was fun since i'm out of gold membership. Very fast compared to Gears. Can't wait to try split screen with someone.

Dpa3729d ago

I have played UT3 on 360. It has bad pop-in and pretty low-res textures. I have not however played the PS3 version so i don't know if its the same.

edhe3729d ago

Go play something else.

It's a mean game of speed, prediction and skill. Nothing Battlefield here.

Hope there's a demo \o/

xboxftw3729d ago

Man u're right, i had tough time running around on hard difficulty but won the fight with the sister and also first team match in single player but all the time the adrenaline was pumping. Not for weak hearted.

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