SCEE on 2.40: "We'll keep you updated as to when we expect the firmware to go back up"

VG247: SCEE's responded to a comment request on the status of the now-pulled Firmware 2.40 update by saying that it has nothing to add to the statement already made by SCEA's Patrick Seybold on the US PS blog.

"We'll keep you updated as to when we expect the firmware to go back up," a UK rep told VG247.

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Fishy Fingers3700d ago

Pretty obvious they will inform us of the firmware going back online. Fingers crossed for those who experienced problems or missed the DL altogether that it's back up soon and 100% fuctional for you.

~side note~ Got my first Platinum (SSHD) :)

Hydrolex3700d ago

Microsoft ! seriously I, My friends, their friends have no problem with the 2.40.

Actually it's a good start. It's not perfect but Sony is working on it to make it perfect. The XMB is kind of slow but it's ok. There will be other updates.

But not other issues such as bricking and damagin the system.

Opiumunkey3700d ago

I thought there is no platinum trophies for smaller PSN titles...

Fishy Fingers3700d ago

S***, your right, I wrote that comment (one above) on achieving the final trophy, I was expecting the platinum, but no, after a little digging you dont get them from the smaller PSN games.

Well now I'm gutted.... I need a full game to start supporting trophies so I really can get my first platinum.

That will teach me for jumping the gun... should of looked before writing but I was excited ;) sorry guys.

TheExecutive3699d ago

Congrats, I am terrible at SSHD. However, Uncharted update should be very very very soon (I mean that).


PSN ID: TheExecutive

Dark_Overlord3699d ago

"I think all those people who have problems are from
Microsoft ! seriously I, My friends, their friends have no problem with the 2.40."

Ive had 2 problems with the 2.4 firmware one was a random crash on the xmb and another with the sound just going. I posted on another thread and f*ck me I got quite a few disagrees (They must be trying to use suggestive reasoning LOL).

All I'm saying is I'm glad most people have a 100% working FW, its just that there are a few people out there with some genuine problems with the 2.4 FW, and that those issues should be acknowledged and dealt with (Just like Sony is doing).

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coolfool3700d ago

Are people using the update in ways they aren't supposed to (if thats possible)? Or doing things unexpectedly?

Or was it just rushed out and the test cycle was cut short?

Eitherway, this is a bit of a poor performance. I for one think it would be better if they re-released a full working solution rather than rush it back out and still miss things.

slave2Dcontroller3700d ago

I think saying its not well tested is kind of unfair. How do you test 10 or 11 million units. I'm sure the Beta's went ok, otherwise they would have not released it.

I'm wondering if this was due to broken connections. When the news was announced the server surely got flooded. Maybe the broken downloads lead to corrupt files and data.

Im a bit concerned because my DL was butter and didnt break, yet my in game xmb is laggy and animates choppy while I'm navigating through the menu's. Anyone Else?

TayTayShaniqua3700d ago

"Why was it so badly tested?"

LOL! What a dunce:

Kirstenlottesovs3700d ago

Why was it so badly tested?

Because if you take a look at alot of PS3 users theyre exactly like babies..
And when Sony have 50.000 kids all saying "gief 2.40 now!! PLX" they get frustrated.. So IMO its the users fault. Sure, Sony could have tested their update, but honestly, if we just stopped whining about getting new features all the time, none of this wouldve happened.

The 3rd Place3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

The problem was the beta testers are like sonarus, LenHart, Condeleezza Rice.

Nothing ever goes wrong with their PS3's. So all the beta users got bricked machines and couldn't admit Sony did something wrong.

They said it's amazing and works 100%, so Sony released bugged firmware and now we see the result.

Mc Fadge3699d ago

Hardly. It is a firmware of which some users (seems a very small minority) are experiencing a severe bug.

Psycopod_Eng3699d ago

i don't know wether 2.40 is responsible but yesturday it worked fine today when i turned on the ps3 it had crashed failed to recognise its own hardrive and asked me to reformat, i refused cos i didnt want to lose my save files and tried the old faithful turn it off leave for a few mins and reboot, everything worked fine, until i realise it wiped everything anyways, so now i have an empty ps3 and have to endure all the game loads all over again!!! gutted

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Psycopod_Eng3700d ago

I got mine too but theres not much i can do if only 3 games support trophies, i just hope when its uploaded they correct the lag/loading time of the xmb other than that im chuffed to bits :)

Mike Bowden3700d ago

...and MS will eat them for breakfast at E3.

seraphim9213700d ago

how is it a disaster? i remember a 360 update brickin some units some time ago and that was even worse

slave2Dcontroller3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I will pray for you.. that one day you will actually have something better to do than troll... that you will one day speak with substance and intelligence. Til my prayers are answered, YOU FAIL as in F-

Mike Bowden3700d ago

How is what I said trolling? If you can't see that this is the worst possible outcome for Sony then you're blind.

This was their big moment, this was the one. This was when people finally got a console that actually, you know, did stuff. But instead they end up pulling it as it bricks machines.


SixTwoTwo3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Don't blame Sony for your journalism failures Mr. Bowden



EDIT: And stop trolling ;)

Rob0g0rilla3700d ago

Their hardware failures have decreased by 2%. That will sure show Sony who's running this disaster.

slave2Dcontroller3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

This was their Big Moment? Are you serious man? This was a an update Mike, your really over thinking yourself.

Home hasnt even been released yet and that still wont be THEE BIG MOMENT because the PS3 can constantly be upgraded and have new features added.

I really didnt want to go here because its unfair to more intelligent 360 owners. But please clarify the RROD situation over at MS and how it pertains to big moments.

Big Moments for PS3 fans consist of Games Like MGS4 and Uncharted, Resistance and so forth.

Ask a PS3 if they had a choice of XMB or MGS4.. guess which one they would pick.

Death3699d ago

So far 2 million people have MGS4 according to VGcharts (I know....)

MGS4 is probably the biggest exclusive on the PS3 so far. Halo 3 sold twice that amount it's first week and gamers had access to the dashboard at a press of a button since the system launched. Why do you have to have one or the other or choose for that matter? In game XMB should have been available on day one. The PS3 came out a year later than the 360 so it's not like Sony didn't know. The differance is 3 years later Sony is still struggling to get this done. Other than consumer low expectations, there is no excuse for this.


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