Firmware 2.40: Changing in-game sound output not supported despite Sony promise

VG247's reporting that PS3 Firmware 2.40 doesn't allow in-game audio switching, despite the fact Sony promised the feature in its FAQ.

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Fishy Fingers3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Hardly the end of the world, how often do you find yourself needing to switch sound/speaker configurations during gameplay? Set it to 5.1 (if you have 5.1 speakers) and leave it there.

Mike Bowden3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

It's not about that.

Are you old enough to have a family? Probably not, as you'd know that you can't take up all of the living room with noise. I often play my games with normal TV volume, and then when the kids are in bed, I turn down the TV and turn on the amp.

Having 5.1 on al the time isn't fair on everyone else.

Fishy Fingers3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I'm 28, does that qualify me to reply?

Not sure how 5.1 or 2.1 or even 7.1 make any difference, I have similar problems when the GF goes to bed, guess what I do, simply turn the volume down. There no need to charge speaker config or anything.

Buy some good headphones, then theres no need to compromise.

Mike Bowden3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Why should I adapt to the failings of the machine? Every other machine outputs both but not the PS3.

This continual defence of the PS3s shortcomings astonishes me. Not only does it not support dual audio support out of the box like any decent media player on the market, they then actually say themselves that a firmware update will make it happen, then when it comes out it bricks machines, Sony pull it and for those of us who weren't affected by the update we're left with yet more disappointment as it doesn't do what it said it's going to do - and yet people 'still' aren't bothered?!

No wonder Europe gets continually shafted when people like you don't care what Sony does, how they act, what they charge, if they live up to their promises etc.

dhammalama3732d ago

He said he turns UP the audio after the kids go to bed. He likes to just use regular 2 ch audio when everyone is up because full surround will drown out other noises like people talking.

But yeah, headphones are definitely good

Fishy Fingers3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I'm not bothered as it doesnt concern me, I havent changed my audio settings for months. Now I could run around like a headless chicken, moaning about something for the sake of it, but I wont.

I'm not defending Sony at all, but I'm not going to attack them for not including something I dont need, it's unfortunate that they didnt include the feature you obviously need so badly, but right now there are ways around that (quit game, change volumue, etc), while it is inconvenient, it still works.
Why not concentrate on the features that you wanted and now have, ingame messaging, trophies etc. It's much easier to be negative I guess.

dhammalama, I understand that, and it is a pian but there are ways around it. Personally, my surround sound system allows me to jump between 2.1 or 5.1 at the touch of a button.

SixTwoTwo3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

But we all know the anti-Sony circus loves to scavenge for anything even remotely negative about the PS3.

@mike bowden... are you the same mike bowden who posted that story on VG247 about the new "Playstation Edge" LMAO

Mike Bowden3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Fishy: I like your attitude. Only get upset if something affects "you". Brilliant. People like you make this place great!


Most of the XMB is shoddy, poorly put together and simply annoying to use. But hey, it's Sony, it's PLAYSTATION. So who cares, right?

donator3732d ago

Mike Bowden, you have a family and kids, so stop complaining like a 10 year old. You of all people should know that life has its ups and downs. I was promised a stimulus rebate check a month ago, but still haven't received it yet a promise from the US government.


3732d ago
Fishy Fingers3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Mike this thread concerns audio only (you should know, you wrote it) there for I'm only concerning myself with that subject, audio.

Sure there are things with the PS3 I'm not totally happy about but 1, I bought it, little late to moan about features now isnt it? and 2, I'm sticking to the topic, aduio, which is one area the PS3 doesnt bother me so as I have it running through a good surround sound system that offers me all the option/features I need.

Sure I could moan or the sake of it, but what does that achieve you, nothing, be thankful for what features we did get is my philosophy.

Last night I was playing a game and sent my friend a message while in that game, on the PS3! Which frankly I thought was brilliant, that feature alone made 2.4 very welcome to me.

Blackcanary3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

On this one when it comes to Sony it seems like you guys believe its ok to complain for stuff like In game XMB and all the other staff because the PS3 didn't have it and because these are things that should of been there when it first came out. But then when Sony say that it will be in the update and u will be able to do it as they said when u bring up the XMB in a game and then u find out it doesn't work once u downloaded the update, its like you shouldn't complain and u should keep ur mouth shut.
Why the hell shouldn't people complain Sony missed informed people and haven't even said we sorry for miss informing you about what u would be able to do and how u would be able to use it.
Or just an a comment left on the PS BLOG informing people that we had to take this option out because it was makeing the INGAME XMB buggy what ever the reason was they should say something and say we are sorry.

If people want to complain let because u know if it wasn't for people complaning and giving feed back things would never change and things would be the same.

I LOVE MY PS3 AND THE 2.40 update but Sony are wrong when it comes to this for not letting us know that they would have take the option out even if it was late notice a little Sorry guys we will get this fixed in a pintch isn't to hard to ask.

And mike is right about the reason why Europe keep getting screwed.

People need to stop contredicting them selfs on this site.
(its ok to complain but its not ok to complain) please thats stupidity in its most.

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mistertwoturbo3732d ago

Not picking Sides here, I agree with both Fishy and Mike.

I too have the problem of wanting to put the Audio onto HDMI to play on the TV speakers. Before my GF goes to sleep, I need to quit the game, then switch it to HDMI. It's a little bit of a hassle.

On some days though, I just use the headphones as I can crank it up as loud as I want and enjoy the game's full audio. But the problem is that sometimes i'll play for hours, and the head phones get real hot.

So Fishy, sure it doesn't bother you because it doesn't affect you. But it affects other people that might find the feature useful.

However, Mike, if it truely bothers you that much, then feel free to send an email to Sony. That's what others did, and that's how we all got in-game XMB and other features.

Kirstenlottesovs3732d ago

"Only get upset if something affects "you". Brilliant. People like you make this place great! *applauds* Most of the XMB is shoddy, poorly put together and simply annoying to use. But hey, it's Sony, it's PLAYSTATIONZZzzzzzo0rz. So who cares, right?"

I like you Mike, you remind me of me, when i was 16... And you have kids? hows that working out for you?

Anyway, why should Sony bother with recreating their entire sound settings (which BTW both works and sounds brilliant IMO) just because your to lazy to find your remote and turn the volume down?

Blackcanary3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

I guess its all about how you read the comment and how interpret what he wrote i didn't see it as a trolling comment and i didn't see it as someone moaning and being a baby i just see it ass someone who had a problem with function and thought since there was an article about it leave a comment talking about his opinion and how he feilt.
You need to remember its his opinion freedom of speach and all that.

Just because he doesn't feel the same way as everyone else he shouldn't put into a box with trolling on it just because people disargee and please don't take my bubbles away from me because of what i wrote i only have 4 but i'm not anti PS3 and i'm not anti 360 of anti Wii i'm just a smart person who has an IQ of 75% and has specil needs learning disablitys.

LastDance3732d ago

I dont understand why you cant turn the amp down? ...whats the problem?

Daver3732d ago

Fishy is right... just adjust the volume...
"adapt to the failing of the machine" ...what a joke

BIGELLOW3732d ago


You have an IQ of 75%? Hmmm...

Ummm, that's cool. My IQ is 217 kilograms.

Expy3732d ago

If you had any decent type of sound system where you had multiple channels, you'd be able to change the output ON THE SYSTEM ITSELF. Seems like you opted for a cheap brand if you can't do that and are complaining about the PS3 not being able to change the output for you.

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Ri0tSquad3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

Just like he told us we wouldn't hear a sound when we unlocked a trophy.

I really don't think anyone cares though.

Fishy Fingers3733d ago

Well he did edit the "2.4 FAQs" to say they would include sounds as soon as he found out.

Mike Bowden3732d ago

More than likely a mistake?!

Like releasing 2.40 you mean? ;)

Ri0tSquad3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

There's a spot in the open zone reserved for your unnecessary trolling comments. We don't need more people like you....seriously...

It's sad to see someone of your age cry like that, and then troll....sad.

3732d ago
SL1M DADDY3732d ago

You have made your point, now please stop with the trolling. Call it a day and give it a rest already.

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yoghurt3732d ago

I cannot believe all of the negative stories being posted on this site about FW 2.4 its a firmware update, a free one, an update which brings us extra features for our ps3. and all the world can do is find as many negatives as possible and publish them on the web. well, just for the record...Ive downloaded it and no problems, I think its brilliant and am enjoying the trophy support. Amazing how people suddenly expect all developers to stop what thier doing and have supportfor these games. Just enjoy it, stop moooooooooooooooooaning

dhammalama3732d ago

People sure love to whine and b!tch.

I agree with you though. I've always thought the ps3 was a complete package. Now everything I get is a BONUS. Lucky me!

SL1M DADDY3732d ago

It is a free update, as they all should be but I can say with all honesty, I wish I would have been able to get the update before they pulled it down. I was bummed last night. I was letting my sick daughter finish her Blues Clues and just before I was going to DL the update, they pulled it. :'-(

As for those pitching a fit about some of the features or features that did not come as they expected, you will get plenty of that. There are some people who cannot sleep if they don't get their way and there are too many of them here that will piss and moan like little babies.

Phenomenon3732d ago

We dont need do do this while playing a game anyway.

n4gzz3732d ago

Why people even fuss about this type of thing ?? Complain about something worth it. Get a life morons.

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