Super Stardust: HD Co-op DLC Removed from PSN

The Co-op DLC for the PSN game, Super Stardust: HD, has been removed from the PSN. It is not available on the Playstation Store nor the in-game store. No news on why it was pulled but we'll keep you updated.

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gundamx3733d ago

I downloaded last night. i guess there may have been too many people downloading the game? i'm very impressed with the new firmware:)

Ghoul3732d ago

or we get it for free ^^

Kirstenlottesovs3732d ago

I thought about downloading it yesterday, but maybe its a good thing i didnt.. I don't know whats going on here, but it would appear that this might be related to the 2.40 removal on Sony's server..

I don't think so mate, usually they just change the price without removing any software..

Gothdom3732d ago

Maybe they'll post a bundled pack on PSN tonight with the store update?

I know, it's wishful thinking, but I'll wait for the store update before buying it.

SixTwoTwo3732d ago

I was going to download this to get the last couple trophies.

hrusa23732d ago

it was the same with solo pack, it was released and then removed. i think, it will be avalible for download with todays ps store update.

Hulligan853732d ago

Well if they release a bundle thats the same price as the original game i'll be pissed off as i only bought it yesterday.

Mr_Showtime13732d ago

lots of ppl will be pissed including me

LiquifiedArt3732d ago

I really wanted this. I'll have to wait it out i guess. Until then i'll continue to bang away at the rest of the Trophies. I'm almost Complete!

Question: Will Getting all the Trophies in Stardust yield a Platinum Trophy? or Only Disc-based Games?