10° Interview: Harmonix's Chris Taylor writes: "Harmonix senior designer Chris Taylor talks about the wish fulfillment and role-playing of music games.

Q: Harmonix has significantly contributed to the changing face of videogames in the past few years - what's your view on the way that increasingly casual and social titles have taken hold?

Chris Foster: Well I have a particularly unique view at Harmonix, because I joined two years ago, when the first Guitar Hero was out and the second one was in development. So I was at the point of witnessing the transformation from the inside, of everybody realising that this was going to be a permanent occurrence.

When I joined the company there were 70 people, which was huge for Harmonix, and now it's well over 250 - it's like a little industry.

One of the things that stood out, listening to the DICE keynote at GDC Paris, [Ben Cousins] was talking about how the future is potentially moving towards this thing on PC that has a lower barrier to entry. We've sort of found this surprising doubly complicated niche on consoles, with these unique instrument controllers.

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