Eurogamer: Buzz! Quiz TV Review

Eurogamer writes: "The PS3 debut of venerable and award-winning quiz series Buzz will not surprise you. In terms of presentation and content, very little has changed. It's hard to avoid a slight twinge of disappointment when you realise this, since our usual expectation when any series jumps console generations is to expect a showcase; something bigger, bolder, familiar yet beefed up in all the ways that were never possible before.

That's not happened here, but that twinge of disappointment soon fades. Buzz doesn't really need a makeover, since it's already a superbly refined quiz machine. Relentless has therefore opted for the safer, more sensible, path of not fixing something that isn't broken. The categories are the same - Lifestyle, Sports, Knowledge, Movies & TV, Music - and they break down into sub-categories such as Food and Drink, Toons and Oldie Hits."

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