Study claims Windows usage market share could fall below 90% soon

Tgdaily writes:

A new study released by Net Applications indicates that a decreasing percentage of the Internet population is using Windows as their operating system. It appears that Mac OS X could soon be listed in the double digit-range, while Windows could fall below the 90% mark.

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toughNAME3672d ago

I can't wait for the day that Microsoft allows Apple to be purchased by them

RememberThe3573672d ago

(That was sarcasm so you know) Once Windows 7 comes out I think we'll see it steady out more.

FantasyStar3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.)

Train's going -------> that way


Vista left a bad taste in my mouth

Fototherapist3671d ago

MS tried to emulate OS X and failed miserably. But then again, they've always emulated Apple.

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