Why the Radeon 4850 is the Chuck Norris of Video Cards for Gaming

The Radeon 4850 is the awesomest video card out there. It can handle your every whim for a very fair price. All said, the Radeon 4850 is like the Chuck Norris of video cards.

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Noodlecup3697d ago

Chuck Norris? that must be a brand new joke right? :/

LanPartySocialite3697d ago

Chuck Norris never gets old. He only gets even.

3697d ago
KidMakeshift3697d ago

does it have a fist where a chin should be?

mistertwoturbo3697d ago

What? Video games cant render Chuck Norris. You need 5,000,000 polygons for his right fist alone.

Isaac3697d ago

5 billion poligons is barely each of chuck Norris' hair, you would need way more than 5 billion polygons to render his fist. 5 million sould be one of his cells.

Chuck Norris3697d ago

Chuck Norris can render video cards.

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The story is too old to be commented.