Pre E3 Analysis of The Console War

Wii's unstoppable momentum, the PS3's hidden casual gamer install base, and the X360's last hope, the Newton?

An article before E3, because after E3 the console war may change directions.

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BigBaehr3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Sales only judge the console war in one way. If you judge the consoles by superior quality and an ultimate gaming experience you have go with PS3.

HighDefinition3699d ago

Seems like that is NOT so "fanboyish" to say anymore.

Because it`s becoming true`r(?) everyday.

OOG3699d ago

you might be able to say that into first quarter of 09 but no reason for that claim other then MGS4 right now....which is great but not enough to downplay other systems

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mikeslemonade3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I agree with everything this guy says in article. Except the only thing is there is always an outside chance the Wii not be in 1st place, but it is unlikely.

Wii unstoppable
PS3 able to tap into the casual market
360 games cater to the hardcore

I agree with that.

littletad3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

When it's clearly meant for the open zone.

Lifendz3698d ago

Please. Price has to be considered.

More Focus' sell than BMW M3's. Does that make the M3 inferior?

There are more standard def TVs sold than HD tvs. Does that make standard better?

Of course not.

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HighDefinition3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Things have gone from.....

"The 360 is best thing EVER made, despite RROD"

To now, where it`s common knowledge within the industry that "the 360 needs to be saved from death"

It`s pretty funny stuff.

All I gotta say is simply.....I told you so.

BTW, I`m going to go buy another 360 soon, I`ll probaly rarely play it unless KOTOR3 comes out , and I`m NOT getting XBL again. I just wanta play it in 15 years from now, to remember all the good times I`ve had here @ N4G.

David Hasselhoff3699d ago

No console is near death. Even if the 360 lost its momentum and didn't come out with something amazing the only thing that might happen is the console sales will slow down. Despite that, the user base is still incredible and there are many people buying games. Everyone completely disregards all the people that already have the Xbox 360 and will continue to buy new games preventing the so called "death" of the 360.

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RememberThe3573699d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Dude you can't even use capital letters. I mean I have bad spelling and all and we all make a mistake now and then, but come on...

Anyway, HD is a fanboy, but what sets him apart is that he doesn't care. He's not offended when someone calls him a fanboy because it's nothing new. What would you do if I called you a fanboy? I'll answer for you: You'd get all flustered and start calling me a fanboy and telling me I don't know what I'm talking about. Why do you take some much offense from people who don't agree with you? I'm a Seahawk fan, am I going to get offended when some one roots for the Raiders? No. That they're personal opinion, They can like the Raiders all they want. Likewise, They can say that the Seahawk's suck all they want as well. We'll just see who ends up in the playoffs this year...

plenty a tool3698d ago

is that the best you could manage?? who cares about capital letters on a site where most can't even spell??? but, i suppose, the sony defense force has to look after one another.

Arduen3698d ago

"you cant even use capital letters??? a classic
is that the best you could manage?? who cares about capital letters on a site where most can't even spell??? but, i suppose, the sony defense force has to look after one another."

While I agree that many people may post without using a spell check and that you can ignore capital letters while still getting the basic meaning of your post across, it still doesn't change the fact that using capital letters and the correct spelling of words can increase the likelihood that other people will read and understand what you write. It's definitely pointless/wrong to try to win an argument with grammar, but why not try to communicate well? It's not that hard to press the shift key after all.

On topic: Who cares who wins the console war anyway? Do we really want the game industry to be a monopoly? Who would that help?

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DrWan3699d ago

all the stuff the article saids is pretty much true.

power of Green 3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Why is the Wii crushing PS3 then, why are ps3 sales percentages falling and the 360's rising?. PS3 has had AAA's released for the last 3 or 4 months?, how is the 360 haning in there with no games being released? all with out being in the DVD player market.

This rubbish article is a tabloid quality take from who? with poor a understanding of what is going on in depth.

"Sales only judge the console war in one way. If you judge the consoles by superior quality and an ultimate gaming experience you have go with PS3."

^^^ That logic suggests the 360 is killing the competition as well. I think that is why MSFT wins that battle that counts the most in this day and age.
MSFT murders the competition when it comes to revenue and support from the devs etc hence my take on the "If you judge the consoles by superior quality and an ultimate gaming experience" remark proving your understanding/opinion of the "superior quality and an ultimate gaming experience" is wrong based on how all the consoles are performing over all.

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DrWan3699d ago

Hold on a minute PoG, the worldwide sale of PS3 is outselling the 360 since last november. I don't get what u mean.

HighDefinition3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Only POG gets what he means, not even 360 fans get what he means anymore.

joydestroy3699d ago

there's so many games coming out this year. holy crap.

Obama3699d ago

I have a hard time understanding what pog is trying to say. Every time he opens his mouth, he's spewing some gibberish that only his followers can fully understand. It's like reading a bunch of coherent sentences lumped over each, which in turn became incoherent.

Willio3699d ago

Maybe you should be an analysis going in depth of the economy between the console wars since you dont even make sense.

RememberThe3573699d ago

I like your optimism! Keep your head up little guy. Your console will do it!


Lifendz3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

you never even mention that. Especially in Japan.

360 sales rising? It's the cheaper of the two. I should hope it would sell more. If a gamer can't afford a console do you really think an uninformed parent is going to opt for a console that's 100 plus dollars more (talking the core version).

Quality? A system that is prone to hardware malfunction is being touted as quality? Too funny.

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Splenda143699d ago

Ps3 is out selling the 360 in every territory and soon they will catch up

HighDefinition3699d ago

to HIT PS2 status.....


to name a few.

BigBaehr3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

...and Killzone 2 don't forget.

Edit: and for 1.1 "more true" is how I think you should have put

HighDefinition3699d ago

But I just try to keep my "name drops" short and to the point.

power of Green 3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )


I'm willing to bet this is how you know PS3 is winning without question every week/month.

3699d ago
timmyrulz3699d ago

What POG means is that the ps3 in terms of Sales is hardly setting the world alight and its only just outselling the 360 despite the so called "2008 is the year of the ps3", with the massive lead the xbox 360 has over the ps3 in terms of total harware sales its going to be a long time before the ps3 is supposed to catch up and between now and then the 360 is going to have price drops where as Sony cant afford for the ps3 to have any price drops (not in the near future anyway).

No matter how you look at this Gen, Sony has lost this console war, the wii is taking the p1ss out of both (no pun intended) and MS have shown many many people there is another console out there, Sony was banking (arrogantly) that the ps3 would do as well as the ps1 and ps2, but guess what, it hasnt and wont. Now you can disagree all you want, sh1t you can even take all my bubbles away but it wont change the fact that what i am saying is true

One last thing, i find it quite amusing how because you have ONE AAA game out, the ps3 has better games than the 360...

power of Green 3699d ago

I also was making two points

1)VG-Charts as an tracker is often wrong hence the posting the link when it is known I hate VGC..

2)PS3 winning by only 28 thousnad a week "sometimes" is hardly a sign of Sony magically beating MSFT in 6 to 8 years it would really take depending on the sales spikes here and there.

Don't mind HighDefinition he has a personal vendetta against me he knew what I was saying.

mikeslemonade3699d ago

Were not talking about the heatlh of Sony. Were talking about the PS3. Next generation I might just buy the next xbox if it is better. PS3 will be 2nd place by the end of 2009. And your denying the fact that MGS4 bundle is sold out. Sony said they won't get the bundles out until early July which is rough July 3rd so we will see in July 10th.

THere's also a 360 price cut. Sony/Konami did drop the ball as far as not supplying enough units. Despite being more expensive, not enough 80gb units, and mainly 40gb units the PS3 still managed to outsell the 360. Eventually the premium 360 and the low end PS3 will be the same price in this generation and that is gonna shift more sales to the PS3.

Skip_Bayless3699d ago

Sales spike comes from the games. PS3 has one must have game and that is MGS4 so far, and sill manages to out sell the 360 in a monthly basis since the beginning 2008. Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy are bigger system sellers than MGS4 so they will spike both Japan and Europe. The Japanese will cave in soon and pretty soon the Japanese install base will the differenc of 10 million units which is enough for the PS3 to overtake he 360 worldwie. Because the 360 still has what 1 million and that is gonna stay that way no matter what.

plenty a tool3699d ago

i though mgs4 was the BIG HIT title that was gonna destroy the 360? next it will be resistance, then killzone2, the god of war and then ff! pretty soon you lot are gonna run out of games that are gonna be the 360's destroyer!

HighDefinition: i know it's hard for fanboys like you to swallow, and that you live in denial, but the ps3 will never ever be a ps2! just look at the sales figures! the wii might sell like one, but not the ps3. it must really hurt when you see the figures every month. and especially when the "dead console will still be leading your saviour well into 09, and could even stretch into 10 aswell!)

timmyrulz: bubbles for you. the fanboys will ignore what you've said, although it's totally true. sony expected another runaway success! instead, they are languishing in third, getting pulverised at home by nintendo, double penetrated in NA and only europe is giving them something to smile about. it's hard to believe how far sony have fallen.

johnmadden: you're rite about the sale spike! but if sony, and it's fanboys want to start having something to brag and truely smile about, they need to start selling wii like figures from now til the ps4. that's what the ps1 and ps2 did...left the starting block, and sold like the wii did from the beginning. i dont know how you think that japan will suddenly "cave in" and put the ps3 at 10mil there?! it averages 9k a week in even nintendo with it's sales figures isn't there yet. sony need a miracle for that to happen.

Skip_Bayless3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I never said MGS4 was gonna be the main factor in taking down the 360. And it doesn't need a "sales spike". Last year PS3 outsold 360 despite the 360 having Halo 3, Bioshock, and Mass Effect. This year the PS3 has more games then it did last year and 360 has less quality games compared to last year. Keep in mind there is only a 5 million install base lead by the 360 right now. That really isn't much, so sales spike isn't needed as far PS3 trying to overtake 360. Gradual increase in sales is enough.

10 million unit sales that is my exaggeraion if we are talking about 2009, but just look at PS3 it has no rpgs. The Japanese centric games that they like righ now are DMC4, MGS4(not as much as america likes this), and Hot Shots Golf. RE5, FFXIII, Gran Turismo 5, and White Knight Story are all better selling franchises in Japan historically. Those are no doubt going to increase PS3 sales in Japan.

plenty a tool3698d ago

i never said you was one of those saying that mgs would destroy the 360.

anyway. you exaggerated with something else my friend. sony last week came out and said that the ps3 is at 12.5mil units sold. and a couple of months ago the 360 was at 19mil units sold. so going by them figures, the ps3 is roughly 7mil units behind the 360.

not that i care, but i know people on here love figures, so it's best to try and give them something accurste me thinks.

mikeslemonade3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Timmyrulz doesn't understand what is a system seller.

Skip_Bayless3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

First of all i had to bring MGS4 into the discussion cause i am a PS3 fan and I know you will use that as arguement against me sooner or later. Main reason why I talked about MGS4 is because that difference between this year and last year. PS3 didn't have a system seller like MGS4.

As far as accuracy there really isn't an "accurate" source since no one can knows the exact number of sales and that would also depend on the source. VG chartz even though they're estimates they're consistent in finding system numbers sold. When Sony and Microsoft come out say they're "sales" you don't know if they say systems sold or shipped. And most importantly you just said 360 sold this months ago and Sony said this weeks ago so the time difference also makes them not comparable. It's 19.54 compared 13.84 according to vg chartz. Not 5 million but let's say 6 million I give you that advantage.

PS3 outsold 360 last year. What makes you think PS3 won't shorten the gap this year and combine that with next year. PS3 isn't always gonna stay a 9,000 selling system per week matter fact it jumped to 18,000 units despite the MGS4 bundle shortage. 18,000? I know your laughing at that, but it's a start. A sales spike like the Wii isn't necessary once again since the Wii already outdid Nitendo's expectations. It already a 9 million unit lead despite being a year younger with 28.46 compared to 19.54. I've already listed my reasons why I think the PS3 sales will gradually increase in Japan above.

Arduen3698d ago

I love how everyone spins this stuff out of control. I have a PS3. I can't afford to get a 360. I guess you could call me a Sony fan, but I had an xbox last generation too--bought it for NG. Is there some place I can go to get a list of the guidelines for this war? If there isn't, then how can anyone moan about how one or the other console is winning? The real fact is that none of us will know who "wins" the current console war until a few years after the generation of machines after this one comes out. Then we can all look back at all of these stupid arguments and wonder why we were so upset that someone else liked GeOW more than RFoM. I'm glad there's competition between the companies because it means that Sony is working extra hard to improve. I'm sure Microsoft is too. The only real losers are the people who are too concerned with the number of consoles the competition is selling to enjoy the games.

It's fine to be interested in the numbers and the console war. But why is it such a personal war for some of you?

By the way, if I had to make a prediction I would say that all 3 are going to come out much closer to one another this generation. Yeah! Everyone will get good games, but I guess that doesn't matter...right?

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