FFTA2 Makes Final Fantasy's Outfits Even Worse

Observations on Final Fantasy Tactics: A2: Grimoire of the Rift. What's up with the protagonist's ridiculous outfit? They get progressively worse with each Final Fantasy game.

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Soren the Cat3664d ago

I want to keep this comment appropriate but Vaan (from FF12) and his ridiculous costume almost kept me from enjoying the game.

incogneato3664d ago

It's so sad what they've done to the Final Fantasy Tactics series. The original one for PlayStation was absolutely amazing and one of my favorite games of all time. These advance or DS versions are absolutely pathetic.

Tawnokoi3664d ago

For what reasons? The stories on Tactics Advance and A2 weren't as good, but if you play the Tactics games for their storyline (and not the tactical-strategy gameplay, which is superb in all three), you're missing the point.

Uncommon Calibur3664d ago

in the original tactics game, they took heavily from western D&D and used a pretty classic fantasy art style with anime faces plastered on. the same went for FF12, very typical western style of vahn...not sure where he fits in...but we all know we play FF12 for Basch, spears ftw!

Rockxy3664d ago

Final fantasy outfits & characters started to suck after FF7. I think it's because FF is played by mostly girls in japan and that's why it's so Boy band looking. For me I stopped playing FF long ago too Gay for me but my gay friends will enjoy it and Girls that like Yowi stuff.