Disgaea 3 Sneak Peek Video: Vato Bros.!

HGM Published: "Last time, we offered a voice sample for fans to gobble up. Today, we think that an actual video would be better to whet your appetite with. Taken from an early tutorial map, we'll witness Mao's interaction with a recurring group of characters."

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[email protected]3579d ago

I want this game so bad. i might if NISA it going to support the trophies system with this tittle... a patch can make the trick' ^__^

Anyway... me want Disgaea 3 along with the multiples RPG that are coming late this year woot*

[email protected]3579d ago

But, it sound mexican... churros, tamales o.O.

Luca Blight3579d ago

and see all the new goodies they have

[email protected]3579d ago

The VA sound good until now... but I'm probably setting up to Japanese lol. And agree I can't wait I got my pre-order already.