130° hacked, security firm reports

IT security firm Sophos reports that someone has been messing around with the official US PlayStation website. "Messing around" as in fitting its SingStar and God of War pages with fake ads that tried to make (and may have succeeded in making) visitors believe their computers were riddled with viruses.

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HighDefinition3732d ago

Power Of Green or The Mart.

They/He must be pissed off lately.

Blademask3732d ago

find it funny that the xbox site hasn't been hacked, or the hd-dvd site, while at the same time the playstation site, and the bluray site have bene.

ape0073732d ago

hahaha lol

or bloodmask

HighDefinition3732d ago

Your NOT even close to.....

-The "OLD" Bloodmask

tatotiburon3732d ago

the playstation site was hacked an you guys only made fun of themart, pog and the rest??, why don't we talk about the poor security of the site and maybe psn and psnstore?

HighDefinition3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Why don`t you, not pretend to be my parent.


I don`t talk about MAYBEs.

Ok I`ll try MAYBE, you should F-off or talk about what ever you wanta talk about. I`ll talk about what I talk about, and you talk about MAYBEs.

tatotiburon3732d ago

ok kid, i forgot that this site is full of 11's years old kids like you...maybe you should start to grow up...

Yoma3732d ago

I have hard to belive have poor security. It's most likely some holes, which can be found on every site out there.

I think he defaced the site, no injection involved.

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SonySoldierEternaL3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Zhuk, POG, Jason 360

you know, the usual envious/delusional xbots

juuken3732d ago

Or n00b-wait...he's not smart enough to pull that off.

Homicide3732d ago

They're bots. They're not smart enough to do that. It was probably Miyamoto or Reggie.

Bladestar3732d ago hacked!? damn! such more for microsoft sucks at security...aren't they suppose to be using linux servers? lol! anyone want to put their credit card info on

Bnet3433732d ago

lol blame sonys poor security on xbox 360 fanboys.

3732d ago
villevalorox3732d ago

bill gates will never give up!

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