Crispy Gamer: Top Spin 3 Review

While the series has gotten a kick visually this time around, things are not as great aurally. Those who enjoy audio commentary may be bummed out that there's no team of announcers dissecting every point, just like last time around. Even if you're a die-hard Top Spin fan, you will be dropping a lot of expletives until you figure out the controls for this year's game. Top Spin 3 is the most demanding tennis sim out there and if you're not up to the challenge, you might end up being disappointed. On the other hand, if tennis is your thing and you don't mind investing some time, you'll want to take the court with this one.

What's Hot: Overhauled control scheme and impressive visuals make for deepest video tennis to date.

What's Not: A seriously steep learning curve and the lack of any mini-games may turn off more casual gamers.

Verdict: Try it.

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