Crispy Gamer: Guitar Hero: Aerosmith Review

Aside from the fact that the tried-and-true formula is starting to show its age, there's nothing on the gameplay side of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith that Crispy Gamer can point to as particularly flawed. Their problems with the game are more conceptual. Imagine being able to download "Rocks," "Toys In The Attic" and "Get Your Wings" in their entirety via the Net, à la Rock Band. Wouldn't that be a swell way to 1. free up Neversoft to focus on Guitar Hero IV, and 2. satisfy the Aerosmith fanbase out there at the same time?

What's Hot: The very first single-band-themed installment of Guitar Hero; You get to be Joe Perry!; Fans of Aerosmith: Your skanky ship has come in.

What's Not: Non-fans of Aerosmith: Your skanky ship has come in, but unfortunately, Aerosmith is on it; You get to be Joe Perry!; Dear Activision: Please never make a Guitar Hero: U2. Thank you.

Verdict: Fry it.

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