Pre-E3 2008: 2K Games Confirms E3 Lineup

2K Games has confirmed several heavy hitters for the upcoming E3 event. PlayStation 3 owners, yearning for BioShock, will finally be able to see the critically acclaimed first-person shooter in action on their beloved platform. In addition, the company's much talked about Borderlands action RPG will be at the show in one form or another. Even though top-secret games have been revealed at past E3s, here's a list of game's you can expect to see out of 2K Game's E3 booth:

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Silogon3670d ago

I predict, as always, 2k screws Sony owners and only gives them Bioshock and a watered down 1 year old port at that. The graphics won't match the xbox 360's or the pc versions. Wait and see. I can already see the blur in the textures already in the few High REZ pics they have shown and Kevin is nowhere to be found here.

It's not looking good for this version me thinks.

SL1M DADDY3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Silogon is just a troll, stirring up trouble here at N4G. Can't tell if he is a 360 troll or a PS3 troll but he typically spreads negativity here.

The PS3 version of the game Bioshock will be fine. It's a great game and should be played by everybody that want's to enjoy something as fun as it is.

ElementX3670d ago

Biowhat? Oh! That game I played a year and a half ago and traded in. Good game.

HighDefinition3670d ago

Seriously, This is all so strange.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3670d ago

Next they are gonna say Bioshock was crap right? I'm getting it either way.

3670d ago
DARK WITNESS3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

ya, and whats even more funy is around the same time the ps3 owners were going, bioshock... nah, we don't need it, its not all that, its overhyped , anyway we got killzone and RFOM etc, etc who needs it.

how the tune has changed..

its a great game, everyone should play it.

Skip_Bayless3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Yes we are excited for the definitive version of Bioshock wih the extended story for PS3. We weren't excited for the bare bones version of last years.


sure you were...i would be saying the same thing to if i had not played it over a year ago

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PirateThom3670d ago

So... 2K's line-up hinges on the same game their line up hinged-on last year?

E3 2009 - BioShock for Wii.

Skip_Bayless3670d ago

The Wii isn't even going to get NBA 2k9.

Fade_Walker3670d ago

Bioshock and Borderlands for me.

I hope they are actually going to show something for Borderlands.


maybe we will see something from prey 2. that was a great game.