TeamXbox: Soulcalibur Review

TeamXbox writes: "The Marketplace text describing Namco's XBLA release of Soulcaliber proclaims it as being the best fighting game of all time. Bold words that SNK would probably like to challenge. But there surely are those that think Namco's statement to be spot-on.

Some fighting game stalwarts, however, will claim that Soulcaliber's usage of weapons puts it into a separate genre that limits the competition to Samurai Showdown, and a few other titles not even in the same league, and therefore not worth mentioning.

Whether you think Soulcaliber belongs in a separate mini-genre, or should be grouped in with every other brawler from Karate Champ onward, there's no denying its general prowess. In fact, even if grouped with every other fighting game, Soulcaliber would linger near the top of our list."

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