Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe just dumb..

A disgrunteled Mortal Kombat fan shares his disappointment at Midway's new venture.

'Does anyone else think that Mortal Kombat vs Dc universe is a dumb idea?
I' m trying to make sense of it but all i could think is…why?
I mean its just so stupid it sounds like a joke from a bad sitcom, "Hey man who do you think would win in a fight? Indiana Jones or Ted Koppel?"'

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Sangria3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I though the same thing when Marvel vs Capcom 2 released on Dreamcast.
I was saying "wtf there's no way a red-dressed karateka can beat a mutant from the future with telekinetic powers, huge weapons and metallic arm. It's not the same universe, the same way of fighting or thinking!".

But as a result? In my opinion one of the greatest fighting games with Guilty Gear series. Sure, a fight with Cable, Magneto, Venom or Juggernaut vs Ryu, Ken, Dan or Jill Valentine is totally unbalanced but it does not matter if the game is well done.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 had great graphics, animations, fluidity, colors, super-powers, etc.... and could make some epic battles ( ), so if Mortal Kombat's gameplay has completely been dropped and if MKvsDC is well shaped, no matter if the two universes don't fit together, if we have a big pleasure fighting, so it's a deal.

(but if the game keep the classical rigidity of 3D Mortal Kombat games, well... *ahem*)

Omegasyde3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I understand what you are saying on don't knock it till you try it.
It won't work here is why:

1)Ed Boon
2)Teen Rating
3)Ed Boon
4)Superman now magically "handicapped" with limited flight?
5)Midway hasn't made a hit since NFL Blitz
6)No Fatalities. Ed says but there is! Nope they are now "loss-of-Consiousalities& amp; quot; i.e. Little blood, and you can't tear off limbs in a T rated game.
7)Story will suck, because the same guy who wrote Mk:DA and newer penned the script. Crossing Dimensions?
8)Warner Bro's(DC Comics) gets the final OK on what happens to their Character.
9)Ed Boon.
10)Midway is broke.
11)Name a Decent DC comics game. Please. Try.

As you can see Ed boon is massively over rated. Him and John Tobias, the Creators of the Mortal Kombat Universe, were great when Mortal Kombat was Mainstream with its controversial gameplay, over the top characters and game play. This was pre-2002. Its 2008 and Ed still can't get 3d gameplay right.

Now Looking at the last 3 iterations, Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance which wasn't half bad with a interesting Story (lui kang dies?). It also introduced some incentives to unlock items. Return of the Dragon King However was utterly crap. The game play gets worse. # fighting styles were a bad idea. This made the series way too confusing, and the weapon styles were horrible. Why would having a weapon out Handicap the person by receiving twice the damage when the guy holding the sword gets hit?

Lets not Talk about Mortal Kombat Armageddon. Crap story made no sense, Allows only 2 stances (which made people use to 3 pist) And then Ed Boon executes this brilliant idea gone horribly wrong.


WTf, seems good on paper but now everyone one has the same create-a-fatality with no real distinction of finishers.Sure you can rip a arm off and beat the guy with it, but everybody has the same moves? Lack of Signature finishers. Everyone finally figured out the truth:

Armageddon was a limited budget rush job.

No individual fatalities because they didn't "have" the time to incorporate it for every character. The Online was very gimicky with MANY exploits when people would "create thier own fighter. The Stock characters weren't balanced, the story mode was good but the ending and main character made no sense. So where is the balance? No one wants to fight a unfair fight.

In order for Mortal Kombat to survive and Midway make money off it, there are 3 things they need to do:
1)Replace Ed Boon.
2)Make a Fun Yet Challenging fighting engine. One stance, with maybe weapons coming out only in combo's ala Mortal Kombat 3.
3)Bring back Fatalities, Babitalities, animaltalities, "suicides", Stage fatalities, and friendships. Make them unique for each character with many unlockables items to get when people accomplish certain task.

/Wall of Text

Baka-akaB3670d ago

I'd argue that actually it wasnt that uncommon to have martial artists compete successful against mutants or powered up heroes/villains , in the marvel (or even the dc) universe .

It fitted for the reasons you advanced , but also because nothing street fighter added was out of place in the marvel universe ...

Sangria3670d ago

@1.1: i totally agree with you, Mortal Kombat perhaps should be dead and buried it became so much a crap, just like Sonic with Sega. Midway now tries to wash their hand incoming DC Universe.

It's a good opportunity to change everything that made Mortal Kombat a crap, with first of all the gameplay and the graphics. I mean, yes Mortal Kombat is a near-the-death license, but i see MKvsDC as an opportunity for Midway to erase years of crap.

But if MKvsDC is still a crap (90% of chances that can be), it would be a sign for Midway to take drastic decisions, even if it has to close the studio (i guess Midway is in a bad situation financially). It the best have to do if MK keeps being so bad.

PirateThom3670d ago

It's just dumb from the point of view, DC characters are kind of lame, while Mortal Kombat just plain sucks and always had. 2D included.

I like nothing about this game. Absolutely nothing.

yoshiroaka3670d ago

You have a point there Sangria. Marvel vs Capcom did sound stupid but turned really great in the end. But i dont think Mk vs DC is gonna share a similar success. Midway hasn't made a decent fighting game in years. They are just riding on their name. I cant see this game being any better.

SmokingMonkey3670d ago

can you do a fatality against superman? rip off his head and spine?
maybe everyone will have character based fatalities?
like superman will get kryptonite jammed in ass?
Mortal Kombat without fatalities is not Mortal Kombat.
Like always STREET FIGHTER will pwn any fighters (SF4 specifically)

Tyler Durden3670d ago

they said this game had fatalities

Fanboy Slaughter3670d ago

I feel the need to post this in a reply also:

Towards the end of the interview, it explains the fatality situation

RecSpec3670d ago

Sub Zero grabs head, screen goes black, you hear a scream


Omegasyde3670d ago

"I was actually impressed to see how much passion the MK fans still have for the series. "
-Ed Boon

Wow, The series is almost 20 years going on...YA THINK?

They understand that their universe isn't as violent as Mortal Kombat's and that there would be a lot of assumptions that the game would be a "watered-down MK." So from that standpoint, we know that is where a lot of player's concerns would be. With that, our discussions with DC are mainly based on individual items that may or may not be too violent or are not in brand with their characters"
-Ed Boon

So Dc is running the Show. No Fatalities

"Question: Have you made any more headway on the fatality versus finishing moves?
Yes we have. All of the MK characters and all of the DC villains will have fatalities. The DC heroes who don't kill that often will have brutalities that will function just like fatalities but don't actually kill the opponent."
-Ed Boon.

Ok Lets LOOK at the definition of a T-RATED game by ESRB.

Titles rated T (Teen) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older. Titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.

Hmm Minimal Blood.... but may contain Violence...? Yea Ed Is going to waterdown fatalities to push people off buildings, Freeze people + Upercut, "poison kisses", or discinerate to ashes.

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LastDance3670d ago

Like ive said before...if its what boon and hes team need to rekindle their passion...all the more power to them!

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