50 Surprise Sequels for E3 - Part I

This extensive gameplayer article tackles the sequels that should be announced at E3 2008.

"Sometimes the game industry seems so submerged in established franchises and straight-off-the-conveyor-belt sequels it seems impossible that any new IP has a chance of being noticed. But for every twenty Christmas cash cows that infest store shelves with their mediocrity, there is that one sequel we deeply yearn for – that great game that demands another shot at the big time but is bewilderingly ignored. Maybe it has merely become lost in the forgotten back catalogue of a now defunct publisher or perhaps it has been buried beneath the egotistical loggerheads of past-it developers, given up on and stuck in developmental hell. Unable to find the light as fans yell from their couches… encore! Encore! Encore!"

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SlappingOysters3736d ago

It would be awesome to see some of these babies come back into the limelight.

My pics:

Armed & Dangerous


Tommy Vercetti3736d ago

I think a next-gen Jet Radio would be awesome.

DJtyler3736d ago

Not on the list but I would like to see the triumphant return of Shenmue!!!

SlappingOysters3736d ago

it could be in the part II.

Looks like the bottom half of the alphabet will be taken care of then.

dnf273736d ago

It's a hard task to predict E3. It's always got the covers tightly tucked under. Some the sequels suggested though would be aces. Armed & Dangerous, yes please.

McPerson3736d ago

I second that Shenmue comment. It was just getting good - then they fricken canned it.

Dead Rising 2 will be rocking too. Frank is my favourite simian looking photo journalist.

jkhan3736d ago

God of War 3 is all I want:D

SlappingOysters3736d ago

yeah dude, but the article is about games that never ever got the first sequel.

Although I am so, so, so keen for god of war 3

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The story is too old to be commented.