Diablo 3 Tyrael WoW Mini Pet Revealed

Blizzard has just updated their World of Warcraft test realms and the update reveals the new Diablo 3 Tyrael mini pet which was handed out on the special cards at the WWI in Paris. The pet is not on the live servers yet but we now know what the special pet looks like.

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MrToblerone3664d ago

Kind of lame the way these super awesome pets are given out to the chosen few at these elite things with no real way for normal people to get them.

You know... the people who pay 15 bucks a month.

Leord3664d ago

Yeah, as the people paying $15/month AND €50 for ticket AND travel halfway around the globe really put no effort in whatsoever... From paying the monthly fee, you get what you pay for - a working game, able to play with millions of players, content upgrades and continuous balance changes.

There should be something to mark the fan that puts in the extra effort!

AliC3664d ago

What's lame about paying €80 an in some cases more to got to the World Wide Invitational and get one of these as a gift.

This was a gift that all attendees got, it's not a select few and honestly the people who go to these events are normal people who love Blizzard games.

Just because you pay your subscription (which everyone one does!!) does not mean your should get this gift.

Leord3664d ago

Um definitely not. There needs to be some feeling of uniqueness when attending. A box of trading card game cards hardly brings that.

If you want it, and didn't attend, buy it on e-bay. Equal amount of effort/money.

Leord3664d ago

Also, I just want to say that the model absolutely RULES. Please allow combat between this one and the mini-Diablo pet!

AliC3664d ago

That would be sweet :D

Maticus3664d ago

Yeah this is a special pet, it's meant to be rare, and it's a nod to the people who took the trouble to go to the event. Sure, it's frustrating as hell that the only way to currently get one is to buy the gift card off someone who did go to the WWI, but they wouldn't be a novelty if everyone could get one.

Wuushu3664d ago

Sweeeeet! I NEED one.

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