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PS3 Fanboy: "We finally unlocked all the Trophies for Super Stardust HD. As the first game available with Trophy support, many are jumping online to boost their PlayStation level. With 9 Bronze, 6 Silver and 2 Gold Trophies, we're sure this is going to keep many occupied for quite some time. Here's our guide to unlock all the Trophies. Good luck!

Hero of Lave - Complete planet Lave
Bronze | Difficulty: Very Easy
All Arcade mode Trophies can be earned in Easy mode. We recommend that you play on that difficulty to make it easier to get the Trophies you want. For this Trophy, simply beat the first level. Having trouble with the boss? Make sure you focus on only one weak point at a time. You should be able to destroy one weak point before he does his spin attack. His spin will vacuum space debris, so you may want to keep your distance in the early parts of this battle. The Trophy will unlock once you start the next level.

Hero of Coventina - Complete planet Coventina
Bronze | Difficulty: Very Easy
You will want to power up your Gold Melter beam. Once you get 100% upgrades for your Rock Crusher in the first level, focus exclusively on getting upgrades for your Gold Melter. A trick for when red bomb enemies drop from the sky: rotate your analog stick so that your ship spins fire all around you. If you're at 100% and you spin quickly enough, this will create a psuedo-shield that will make you nearly invincible against any exploding enemies. The key for the boss is to remember it has two phases. In the first phase, it will shoot bullets. Stay moderately away, so you can dodge the bullets and use your Gold Melter to focus on its weak point. Then, it will turn around. Do not get close yet. Once it stops, it has entered phase two. Go directly in front of its red weak point, and its arms will close around you. Keep on firing at its weak point, and move slightly whenever you see a dotted green line. You will do massive damage here. Once it retracts, it will repeat this cycle. The Trophy unlocks at the start of the next level."

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jamenees3730d ago

Yesterday was my first time on sshd. I like it, it seems without the trophies i wouldn't like it as much though...who knows?

PirateThom3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

I was never big on it, but the trophies do definitely give it a degree of playability

I think I've put more time in the past day or so than in the few months I've had it, just to see how the trophies worked.

It's for this reason I'm hoping Warhawk is patched next, I'd love to get back into that (and I've downloaded the expansions in perparation), if not Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted.

ActionBastard3730d ago

Is a guide really necessary?

Panthers3730d ago

For a couple of them, ya.

Megaton3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Some of them are pretty hard. I have 13/17, but I can't even get close to earning the missing 4 (well, I haven't tried the split screen one yet, but the other 3 I have tried are really hard).

mikeslemonade3730d ago

I have 10 trophies on this game so far. I cannot find the add-on pack for the split-screen coop. It's needed for the gold trophy.

Honor_in_Armor3730d ago

Go to "online store" and from there you'll find the "team" add-on pack next to the full game and the "solo" add-on downloads.
I don't know why it's not on the PS store.

Whoooop3730d ago

You can get a gold trophy without the expansion. I think you mean the platinum...

Panthers3730d ago

There are 2 gold trophys. He is trying to get the Co-Op one.

The hardest trophy is the 15 Bomb trophy for the Bomber game. I am hating this one.

mikeslemonade3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

When I search online in the game the add-on pack doesn't show up.

Yes the 15 bomb is hard. Right now i'm trying to get the 15 item pickup in boost. The way he explains sounds easy.

edit: Woohoo just got the 15 item drops in a row. The guide is correct go to world 4 kill the ships and you trigger the green item rock. Give yourself some distance so that your boost impact radius is big enough to break the entire green rock to give you the 15 items. And hit the direct center of the green rock.

Marceles3730d ago

Yeah I hate the 15 bomb one...the logical thing to do it seems is to make the red mines blow up 3 of those ships with the bombs, it's just hard as hell. I need to get the 5 shield one, the 10 nuke one, the 15 bomb, and the co-op one, then i'll be 100%

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Armyless3730d ago

Superstardust fans of N4G add me.

jcfilth3730d ago

I was about to tell you that I have no more space for another friend, then remembered the I have ANOTHER 50 SPACES AFTER 2.40!!!!!F YEAH!!!

jcfilth3730d ago

I got 6 last night and even bought the 2 add-on packs just for the trophies!! SSDHD is a great game even without the trophies. I highly recommend this game to everyone.

you still here?? go get it!! and get those trophies!! ;)

mikeslemonade3730d ago

Where did you find the add-on packs? I can't find them.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213730d ago

go on playstation store... look under "View By All Titles"

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