Gamertell Review: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 for PSP

Gamertell has posted a mostly positive review of the ;atest Naruto game for the PSP. From the review:

"Except for the choose-your-own-type rooms, three additional characters (Third Hokage, Shizune, and Kabuto Yakushi) and equipping characters with items before each Battle, this is essentially the same as the first Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes PSP game. While neither a technical masterpiece nor a unique game, Ninja Heroes 2 is surprisingly addictive.

The Battles are clearly the game's strongest element with furious action and lots of pickups to keep things even more interesting...

Naruto name aside, as an RPG, this is a completely skipable game. If you enjoy fighting games and need something to take on the road, however, Ninja Heroes 2 for the PSP is a fairly addictive and fun."

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