Playfire Introduces PS3 Trophy Widget

"Our friends over at Playfire, a social networking site built by gamers, for gamers, have come up with the perfect solution. The team has come up with a widget that will allow you to input the Trophies you have earned and show them off in profile pages or sig bars around the net. The service is fairly standard for the Xbox 360 (check out places like, but this is the first time we've heard of a similar application being made available for the PS3."

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JoelR3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Who the hell cares?

(again I hate the trophy system)
/shrug I guess someone does cares or they would not have spent the time and created such a site

Sitris3730d ago

Trophies are an amazing addon, if you had SSHD then you would probably know, and if you still don't like the idea of trophies then your one of the few i would believe, and if i'm the only that does care then well..... you all suck! lol

Anyway.........I think a widget is a good idea then i can show my achievments of to people who don't have a ps3, like most of my friends who all own 360s/wiis, TY to who ever put the time in to make this!

PSN ID: Sitris

Sangria3730d ago

It's not really a full compatibility with trophies because you have to insert the trophies yourself (hoping you wont cheat on your scores), but actually i just discovered the site with that new and i found it interesting enough to create a profile and enter / rate my games.

It's a kind of for video games.

rebon3730d ago

Awesome! I'm gonna make a sig widget for my SuperStar Dust HD trophies now. Will also update it with trophies from other games when they come out!

MazzingerZ3730d ago

I already do maintain my signature for PS3 games played at'm not doing thee same for trophies... I'll wait until Sony supports the whole stuff, at least trophies, which shouldn't be that hard as they have now created the foundation for it