Should Sony Be Taken To Task For Their Repeated Security Issues

In light of their most recent electronic attack, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if Sony has done enough to protect their clients data with their history of being targeted. The article looks at the fact that Sony has been targeted for both hacks and electronic attacks but shows their confidence and support for Sony.

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madmonkey011418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

ddos isnt a hack ( and hit xbl and EA servers too), the sony pictures hack has nothing to do with playstation. i wont click on the link to read the full article, as the last article i read there was just flame bait written by a self confessed fanboy.

Abriael1418d ago

It baffles me that people still don't understand the difference between hacking and DDOS.

Garethvk1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

They are both attacks on systems and security via electronic means so it is a cyber or electronic attack as mentioned in the article.

I understand that there are different forms of cyber attacks and that hacking and other directed attacks due differ but for the sake of clarity, we will refer to any directed electronic attack as a hack in this article.

Abriael1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

They're not the same thing. There's a massive difference, and if you don't know, you've got no business writing about tech.

DDOS is not an attack on a system's security. A PDOS is, but this isn't one.

Calling a DDOS a "hack" is not "clarity," is a falsehood.

PeaSFor1418d ago

Garethvk, gtfo with your lame blog full of blatat misinformation.

Wizard_King1418d ago

You people pay good $$$ for this service and it gets taking down by child like DDOS for days on end and you still all support them?

What would happen if they where hacked then? 1 month down?

Sony really needs to strengthen it's network against this sort of attack. To be taken down for so long by a primitive attack by loosers is laughable at best. You pay for this service, I don't, you deserve more and better security.

kayoss1417d ago

Hey Wizard_King
How to you prevent a DDOS? How do you Strengthen your network to mitigate DDOS? I'm pretty sure if you have the answer Micrsoft, sony, EA, etc... would love to pay you big money for that information. Until then put a sock in your mouth and let the adults talk.
Sony and Microsoft both got DDOS, why take your anger out only on SOny?

JsonHenry1416d ago

Exactly my thoughts when I read the article headline, Abriael.

Many-hat51416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Okay, depends on your interpretation of 'HACK' Please explain. While DDOS doesn't appear to be a hack,it is quite often used as a distraction technique as part of, and in conjunction with other simultaneous attacks. In that scenario I would call it a hack. Personally, I would say any attack that results in potential financial loss - however that's incurred would be considered a hack by most companies. However, I do respect your opinion and comment only to give another viewpoint.

NitrousX1416d ago

I totally agree to those that think DDOS is hacking let me explain. DDOS is when artificial surge of traffic is generated from botnets on several PC's. That keep knocking/connecting to a IP address or URL. They will keep knocking or connecting to said address until it falls over.

It is not a hack because hacking is to break into something to gain information. DDOS is to bring services down to a complete halt to bring servers down and fall over. No number of companies can stop DDOS from happening. What they could try is have a team of analysts look at huge pikes of traffic and see if its coming from the same IP but even then that's hard in its self as botnet traffic use all different type of addresses and in the case of LZ Squad they were hiding behind proxies and firewalls to prevent them from being identified. What would be a good way to find attackers would be to implement MAC address rules so who over attacks can have their device blocked perma banned forever.

Too see what a illustration of what DDOS is visually and what impact it has see these vids

thorstein1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


Instead of constantly defending your diction, please alter your article to reflect the correct terminology.

Others on here and on your site have tried to explain it to you.

Solution: Admit to being wrong (cognitive dissonance can hurt) and correct the article. Maybe a well researched article on how DDOS attacks can be stopped in the future would be a better angle.

Here, I wrote the headline for you:

"How can SONY, Microsoft, and Nintendo avoid DDOS Attacks?"

thekhurg1416d ago

It shouldn't. These crappy websites just write this garbage for hits. Zero credibility goes into these reports.

Oner1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago ) +

Story quality? WTF?

Like this website? NO

Sorry (actually I'm not) but if you purposely choose to report something COMPLETELY inaccurately then you are not speaking the truth, and thus have weak principles, low ethics + no credibility in my eyes, and that's not the kind of information I care for nor am willing to support.

husomc1416d ago

DDOS == protesting on the street and causing a traffic jam

dumahim1416d ago

It baffles me that after all this talk, the article still got approved.

gangsta_red1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I love that people are more upset that DDoS is mistaken as a hack rather than discussing what these companies should do to either prevent them or have their network THAT WE PAY for recover in a quick and timely manner.

But please everyone, lets just attack this guy and not mention how PSN was down for a whole weekend or XBox One was down Xmas due to a DDoS attack.

And by the way this article never claimed that DDoS is a hack!

"A hack is a subversive attack used to obtain or view data and that ddos and such are directed attacks for the sake of disrupting systems but for the sake of clarity, we will refer to this as an electronic attack in this article."

He states the differences and calls the DDOS a directed attack not a hack! But please continue defining DDOS and not actually discussing what these BILLION dollar companies should be doing with our money we give them yearly.

AliTheSnake11416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

@Abriael I am sorry, but technically DDOS is Hacking, whether you like it or not. You obviously do not know about the subject matter , therefore you got no business writing about it. It's Network Security 101.
Hacking is taking an advantage of a system's weakness. DDOS is taking advantage of a system's limited resources, by flooding it with traffic, or crashing it, to disrupt the real traffic. there are of course different ways.

Just because it is easier to be done, or it is done by Script kiddies, doesn't make it less of
"hacking" .

dumahim1416d ago


It wasn't down all weekend. Most were back in Saturday night. There's only a small group that are still having issues signing in and it seems to be unrelated to the DDoS.

Abriael1416d ago

AliTheSnake1: sorry, but like the author you know nothing of what hacking mean. The term "hacking" involves penetrating a system's defenses. DDOS attacks involve no penetration nor breach of security.

May want to do some research.

Abriael1416d ago

@AliTheSnake1: a suggestion: do some research, because like the author of this ridiculous piece you know nothing of what "hacking" means.

The term "Hacking" involves penetrating a system's security. DDOS involves no such thing. No breach of security is done in any shape or form.

Tempest3171416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

@Alithesnake1 im going to point your finger back at you amd say you dont know about the subject matter. Look up the definition of hack. Then tell me ddos is a hack. Even by your definition of hacking, youre twisting the shit out of the words to make Ddos fit in. Network security 101? What the fuck network security class told you ddos is equal to hacking?

Edit: Just to help out, heres the definition of "Hack"

To use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.

That's straight from the dictionary. Simple as that, no semantics or bullshit. Ddos does not gain access to ANY data, authorized or unauthorized.

Prime1571416d ago

Define: hack
cut with rough or heavy blows.
"hack off the dead branches"
synonyms: cut, chop, hew, lop, saw; slash
"Stuart hacked the padlock off"
use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system.

Well, by that second definition, I'm having a lot of trouble seeing how DDoS is a hack as they aren't taking any information, just rendering a network useless.

So, keep arguing that it's a hack, my dictionary begs to differ from you few still arguing with abriael and the like.

Dee_911416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

.. Yea, okay now that the hacking nonsense is out of the way.. This article is poorly researched.
Businesses and corps have been getting hacked and attacked for years repeatedly, not just Sony.The last major Sony hack AFAIK was in 2011.. Speaking of that incident.
"notably the one that compromised their Playstation accounts and released the sensitive data of millions of customers online."
From my memory it was SOE whose "sensitive data" was released by the "millions", not PSN.

"Take Disney for example. ...Paramount, FOX, and other studios.
So I have to ask why have these companies been able to keep their information while Sony is compromised time and again."

Well for one Sony is a conglomerate that ranges from household electronics to music labels while those are primarily motion picture and television companies.. that may have something to do with it..

You ask why does Sony keep getting attacked.. you answered your own question.
"the motives of the attackers involved are various"
There is no "but". that is the reason why every company that has been hacked and attacked has been hacked and attacked.

Azzanation1416d ago

The point isn't about if its a hack or something else. the point is these are multi million dollar businesses that charge us money to use there services If they cant fix these issues or prevent them from happening again then I suggest they start looking at there paywall methods.

BartMoons1416d ago

They do it just for the hits

Eejanaika1415d ago

DDOS is still classified as a hack where im at. which i would probably agree with that since its still an interruption of the service.

NuggetsOfGod1415d ago

Why would baffle u? Most people don't spend time thinking about or reading about ddos..

Tempest3171415d ago

Eejanaika Hacking does not inherently imply interruption of service. You can get hacked and never know it. The sole point of DDos os to interrupt service, the definition of hacking is to gain access.

AliTheSnake11414d ago

A hacker is someone who takes advantage of a network's weakness. And that's what hacking is, Period. It does not Just mean to infiltrate or break into a system. that is "Cracking".
A dictionary definition will not due. The technical term means to take an advantage of a network or a system's weakness, whether to take it down or break in, that's a sub category. They are all under hacking. The PSN and Xlive have been exploited, they have been flooded with traffic, and been taken down to eliminate legitimate traffic and disrupt the service, that is hacking.
I did the research. I AM a current Network security Student. I looked at my book and I even emailed my professors. DDOS is a type of hacking. Script kiddies ARE hackers. Hacktivists who only use DDOS as a protest ARE HACKERS.

Hackers who only break into a computer are called CRACKERS. Cracking.
Stop spreading Ignorance and misunderstands, people would believe anything that make their "enemies" look "weaker"; What they have done IS Called hacking by the books.

Abriael1414d ago

@AliTheSnake1: keep trying. You've been schooled, and you may as well learn for it.

"cracking" means breaking a software's protection system in code, not bypassing a system's online security.

You've demonstrated once more that you know nothing of the topic, just like the author of this misguided "article."

"I AM a current Network security Student."

Then you oughta study more, because for now you get a F.

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Garethvk1418d ago ShowReplies(8)
Gaming247allday1416d ago

Do you always make excuses for multi-billion dollar companies? or is this a new thing for you?

NuggetsOfGod1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

That is what console gaming is about.

defending the companies that love u and
paying them for the privilege to play on activision

Then argue over 3 extra pixels and pretend everyone
in the world wants your exclusives.

All this at 30fps 98% of the time in the first year.

At this point I think sony is using psn money to make new movies lol.

Why trust a company that wants to sensor the internet?

Ahh good times.

Steam got hit with ddos last month and was back within 30 mins.
Steam > xbl > origin > psn.

Psn is much better on ps3.

aceitman1416d ago

So garethvk,u r saying every time a website crashes because of traffic (ddos same thing but just got hit naturally)it's a hack. Hack and ddos have 2 different definitions period.

kstap331416d ago

Ok, but the machines that are used for dos are hacked machines, so there is hacking taking place.

Blaze9291416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

look at you all arguing over the definition of "hack" while not focusing on the real issue: PSN and the $49.99 Sony is collecting from subscribers.

UnwanteDreamz1416d ago

Oh look its the usual suspects hating on Sony but giving MS a free pass.

gangsta_red1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

EXACTLY Blaze, it is absolutely hilarious around here.

And the best part about it is UnwantedDreamz saying you're giving MS a pass while nobody in this article is actually discussing Sony, just focusing on defining what DDOS is.

The funny thing is the author is not even calling a DDOS a hack! It's just this guy put an article focusing on Sony and now he's getting strung up by the angry mob here.

madmonkey011416d ago

@gangsta, he was calling it a hack and this article failed submission, it looks like he has edited it since most of these comments were made, and now it is approved.

Aceman181416d ago

For me the world didn't end lol, I just gta5 and DriveClub until back up fully

SmielmaN1416d ago

Ya I'm not sure how you make a case to punish the victim(Sony) for being attacked by a party with malicious intent (lizard squad). This article is incredibly stupid. Vote it down. FBI is investigating LS for a reason. It's not Sony or MS's fault there have been ddos attacks, it's the cork suckers that are causing millions of gamers to lose functionality of their purchases.

Muzikguy1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Considering how passive people have gotten and how so many things don't mean what they're supposed to anymore because of all the newly made up words and "slang", I'm not surprised people don't understand DDoS isn't a hack. It's almost as if people purposely refuse to want to learn anymore

About the attacks... I really wish something could be done. As for the short term, I won't be paying for Plus and that's my answer

r1sh121416d ago

Sony and the various divisions have been systematically targeted I think.
First it started with PSN, then it moved to various studios etc..
Then it hit HQ, now the sony film studio etc.

Their general security is not up to scratch but they have pissed someone off for some reason.

kenshiro1001416d ago

What part of 'this wasn't a hack' do these so called journalists not get?

Was information stolen?


madmonkey011416d ago

sensationalist headlines get more hits. its how journalism seems to work, especially internet and gaming journalism

assdan1416d ago

Exactly lol. This wasn't a hack! It was a few ass holes thinking they were funny.

UKmilitia1416d ago

NO i dont.
while i hope it makes them up there servers and improve speeds and bandwidth etc i wont be complaining to SOny.
But i wouldnt say no to a free game hahaha

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Mechanism1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Nice logo for the site.. Did you draw that with your feet? Sums up the quality of this article.

Learn the difference of what DDOS is and what a hack is, child. More dirty fanboy bloggers coming out the woodwork. 99% from the US, the most immature and tedious media on the planet.. Trying to give low blows so that their console of choice wins, which is otherwise being left in the dirt by the PS4.

Try harder.


"You may want to note" - Me, take notes? I think it is you who should be taking notes on what DDOS is and what a hack is.. I'm not the one blogging.

Garethvk1418d ago

Funny, we have been called for being Sony fanboys for years and the moment we write anything against them we get flamed. You may want to note I own a PS4 and have not purchased an Xbox One due to my dislike of the syetem but hey, yes I hate Sony as you can see in all of the articles we have done.

Abriael1418d ago

No, you get "taken to task" when you write something completely false.

There's a difference between criticism and falsehood.

kayoss1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

What is it that you dont get? People are criticizing the article because the author apparently dont know the difference between a hack and ddos attack.
A hack is the to use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. Where as a DDOS A denial of service (DoS) attack is a malicious attempt to make a server or a network resource unavailable to users, usually by temporarily interrupting or suspending the services of a host connected to the Internet.
The author is using the word "Hack" in the article to make it sounds more dire when in reality author should have used "DDOS".

Sony Pictures was "hacked". Playstation network was "DDOS'ed". See the difference?

quenomamen1416d ago

Draw that logo with your feet, lmfao ! That crap looks straight out My Logo Creator 1.0
You sir, need more bubbles !

Muzikguy1416d ago

I can agree with that immature tedious media. This country has some serious problems. Maybe in the future they will get it figured out

Kayant1418d ago

I think this is in order -

Because the piece makes zero sense otherwise.

"Take Disney for example. With scripts and plans for the new “Star Wars” and Marvel films as well as countless other projects available, that information would be a highly tempting target, as would information from Paramount, FOX, and other studios.
So I have to ask why have these companies been able to keep their information while Sony is hacked time and again." - Apparently someone doesn't know leaks exist. Also this is hacking.

"In light of recent attacks, it seems deeply concerning that the Playstation and Xbox networks were hacked over Christmas and as of this writing, the Playstation network is still not operating properly." - That is not hacking.

Garethvk1418d ago

What part of this in the article did you miss/

I understand that there are different forms of cyber attacks and that hacking and other directed attacks due differ but for the sake of clarity, we will refer to any directed electronic attack as a hack in this article.

Kayant1418d ago

The point is just because it's a type of cyber attack does not mean it's hacking doesn't and the same thing that happened to sony pictures.

"but for the sake of clarity, we will refer to any directed electronic attack as a hack in this article." - That doesn't make sense because you're not clarifying anything when you're spreading misinformation. Malicious threats have different names for a reason such as virus, keyloggers, etc for because they are not the same thing even though their intends or effects may be similar it is why we have different names and groups for things in the world.

kayoss1417d ago

Its like a doctor telling a patient who's allergic to oranges, "I will refer to all oranges as fruits". How would the patient know what specific fruit he is allergic too?
When you refer all cyber attacks as Hacks, you're trying to hide the fact that its only a DDOS attack. Therefore, making your article seems more important.

asadachi1416d ago

When you say "for the sake of clarity", do you really mean the audience the usually goes to this site is too stupid to know any difference? I think you should stay away from discussing games if this is the case as you're not giving gamers enough credit. I'm going to bet you didn't know the difference until people called you out, but instead of fixing it, you defend the ignorance. That's pathetic.

CorndogBurglar1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I understand that baseball and football are two different sports, but for the sake of clarity we will refer to both as football.

See how stupid that sounds?

1Victor1416d ago

I understand that there is different kind of vaule movements but for the sake of clarity ,we will refere to them as fart. Now Garethkv do you see how you err in your article if not I don't know a lower form to explaining it to you .💩 is not a 💨

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Garethvk1418d ago

I have edited it to list them as electronic attacks.
My understanding is that a hack is to steal or view data which is what was done with the Sony files and e-mails while the PSN and Microsoft Network attacks were meant to cause disruptions, yet was not consumer data taken and as such would that also be a hack as not only was their disruption, but data was stolen.

Kayant1418d ago

"yet was not consumer data taken and as such would that also be a hack as not only was their disruption, but data was stolen." - If you're talking about the 13,000 password thing. It's fake and old data. Otherwise you're right it would be hacking because security was breached and information was taken.

TKCMuzzer1416d ago

You have learnt a valuable lesson here, there are a lot of knowledgeable people on the web so it is important if you are going to publish an article/blog post online you need to fully understand what you are writing.
The internet is easily accessed by many, those with the knowledge of certain subjects and those without. Any one without the knowledge about hacking (parent looking into purchase a console but doesn't really game) could easily be alarmed after reading your original article and would easily make them concerned about personal information.

I say this to everyone who blogs or contributes to any site, it is important you are clear in what you type, fully understand what you are writing about and for everyones sake get someone with knowledge on the subject to check through it before posting.

So for those who are not quite sure, neither Sony or MS were hacked over Christmas, just disrupted, until there is clear way of stopping this (I'm not techy enough but from people I know it's not that easy to stop DDOS attacks as everyone assumes) then we need not to overreact, because thats what these groups want, attention, so lets stop giving it to them.

kstap331416d ago

Knowledgeable people on the web perhaps, but not many on these forums. Arguing semantics is idiotic in this case.

HiddenMission1416d ago

No data was stolen during the DDOS attack...that's not how it works and if you don't know that then you shouldn't be writing an article pretending that you have a better grasp on the terms and issues than you actually do.

Inception1416d ago

DDOS is not a hack. Period.

So please, video game industry already had enough clueless people who claimed themself as "journalist" just because they wrote a useless article and created a blog / website.

SilentNegotiator1416d ago

Yet you're still implying that a DDoS attack is a "security issue" and doesn't leave your article with any value other than a tool of misinformation.

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