No PS3 trophies for Call of Duty 4

Fourzerotwo writes:

Hey Everyone -

With the latest Playstation 3 firmware now available, I see a lot of questions regarding how it effects Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

At this time, we have no plans to patch in Trophy support for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for the PS3. Much like DualShock rumble addition to the PS3, the support for these new features have come much to late for us to add it to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare due to our current production schedule.

We would have loved to have these in the game at launch if the support was available, or shortly after.

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pwnsause3612d ago

looks like i'll just buy COD4 for the PC instead

ice_prophecy3612d ago

For some reason I like both for their own merits. However, I did like the easy access to the controls on the consoles. There's so many buttons that CoD4 uses on the PC, I tend to fumble and press the wrong button in the heat of the moment.

That said, I play both regularly ^^

Hagaf223612d ago

i remember awhile back iw saying that as long as there were people playing the game they would support it, guess that was bogus....

Cryos3612d ago

I bet that if there was a way they could CHARGE for these features (a la map pack add-ons) they would Generously update for them.

HighDefinition3612d ago

What I`m most surprised about in this thread is......How many people don`t own it yet.

Ghoul3612d ago

im really disapointed with cod4 afterwards, infinty ward proofed VERY VERY bad community support.

no dualshock 3
no trophys
9 bucks for a mappack ....

sunnygrg3612d ago

I was hoping that they would add trophy support for this game, since it is one of my most played games. As good as IW may be, they are supposedly very lazy. No rumble patch, WTF? I was hoping that I would get a gold trophy for getting all the prestiges.

proArchy3612d ago

Especially when the 360 achievements are already in place. They should be able to just "port" them over easily I would think.

Bloodwar3612d ago

I guess people must not be playing it. =(

jaysquared3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Again PS3 fans blaming developers instead of blaming their beloved Sony.. Let me guess without reading all the thread somebody called IW lazy correct? But it was Sony who implemented something that should've been there during launch! The 360 had at launch and it was released a year earlier! Is it IW fault that trophies were just implemented now? You cant expect a game developer to just drop everything they are doing now(which is probably working on COD6)and implement a new feature.. Again trophies should've been there in the first place! And the same people that are complaining about games not having trophies implemented are the same people who called achievements CHEEZY! Gotta love em PS3 fans!

Edit- Ding ding ding ding! JACKPOT !!

"was hoping that they would add trophy support for this game, since it is one of my most played games. As good as IW may be, they are supposedly very lazy. No rumble patch, WTF? I was hoping that I would get a gold trophy for getting all the prestiges. "

Again not IW fault that rumble wasn't put in when their game was released. Blame Sony.. I mean rumble is last gen anyways right?

Ghoul3612d ago

jaysquared pretty false and ignorant comment

trophys are new not a launch feature
rumble on the ps3 is new not a launch feature

it is a difference if you delay trophy support and rumble or if you deny to add it, i pay 60 f....g bucks for iw cod4 and i demand some support for crist sake, this has nothing to do with ps3 or 360 but iw only, but again nice to see that someone brings in the big 2 without any reasons just to random insult or bash others nice one jay

chasuk083612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Selfish bastards !! COD4 is arguably the most played game on the ps3 and they cant even offer us rumble or trophys to thank us for playing. I say we boycott COD4 until they make them ! And send them loads of emails demanding trophys and rumble.

Also they say they have a busy schedule, i bet they are still making maps and patches for cod4, so i dont see why they cant make trophys for it if they are still working on the game.

dantesparda3612d ago

These muthafvckas wouldnt update sh!t! (I said this before this announcement came out) And i told youse that its because they didnt even update the rumble. This is bullsh!t, cuz on the one hand i like Infinity Ward (and I've liked them way before they where on these home systems) but on the other hand these issues of not updating the game for the fans is showing their true colors and their greed. But i do gotta say, that ultimately, this is Sony's fault, cuz it's because of how their console is that all of this is happening

Organic_Chemistry3612d ago

Aside from the majority of those on this site having no exclusive opinion, and the fact that everyone goes with the flow with hottest topic, I've now realized this site is full of F****** morons.

While I support COD5, everyone disagreed with me because "oh IW isnt making the game". Has it taken you tools this long to realize that developers dont give a sh!t about you they just want your money?

Now that IW is showing everyone their loyalty to fans everyone hates them all of a sudden, but I'm sure if they do something the mass of opinion will follow in their favour, again.

IW is nothing more than business company. I'll tell the truth on something, if they can patch in trophies and in game music to other old games, they can do the same for this game, ever heard of a patch IW? Maybe you should look into it about your crap game lobby and exiting/entering games.

IW can suck a fat one

Ghoul3612d ago

@ organic

other tone please... and stop insulting others with your filthy language

3611d ago
Ghoul3611d ago (Edited 3611d ago )


Actually i do have a life a pretty busy one and while visiting n4g in my spare time i dont wanna mess with guys like you. And by tone i meant your kind of language, try the openzone if you wanna insult flame and yel at others.

+ignore. have a nice time here.

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payday3612d ago

im having this feeling that alot of devs are going to say the same thing, im guessing most older games wont get patches.

shelbygt333612d ago

That wouldn't surprise me. Especially if it's a developer who has moved on to other projects. Now, I think CoD4 would merit some additions to it, since it is such a well-played game across all systems.

But I can see their point, too, I guess. Why take the time to add it in now when Sony didn't implement it right in the first place?

staub913612d ago

In other words IW is saying they are to fat and lazy.... The only thing they have time for is rolling around in their pile of money.

Old Snake3612d ago

Exactly. But they have time to make dlc $_$ I don't mind that much, at least they had the courtesy to tell us.

littletad3612d ago

If there's anyone you should be yelling at, it's Sony for taking so long to implement the Trophy feature and not the other way around. Thinking they should drop everything and cater to you is ludicrous after the almost 9 month old game.

ape0073612d ago


(no intend to flame or any sort of fanboyism)

sony should delay the firmware at least a couple of weeks to ensure that every game supports trophies(the truth guys,If they were lazy,then also the 360 version won't support achievments)

but psn is free,that's what I like about it

crck3612d ago

Achievements are required to get certification from MS just like Sony will require it in the future. So your wrong. Infinity Ward had to include achievements if they wanted to sell the game on the 360.

ape0073612d ago

I know that everygame release for 360 must include 1000 points intially and is expadable with dlc like bioshock,gears of war and crackdown

but like I said sony should keep thier eyes on each game released on ps3 before releasing 2.4

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name3612d ago

I was originally gonna have the logo for the Lazy boy seats, but I thought the cat was better.

kingOVsticks3612d ago

the cat is perfect after reading that im convinced that that infinity ward is run by a litter of ally alcoholic fat cats who roll around in money and cat nip to their hearts content.