2014 in review: Our favorite costume and character designs of the year

Polygon: Call us superficial, but a handsomely designed character can go a long way to making us appreciate a game a little bit more. If we're going to look at a video game character for dozens of hours, we want them to look good, whether they're the defined vision of a team of artists or the custom character of our dreams.

And, hey, sometimes we just like a video game character to sport a stylish hoodie and jacket combo. We appreciate a fashionable, fresh-looking character or two, so we're giving a few of our favorites some end of year accolades.

To reward the year's best style, deputy news editor Mike McWhertor and reporter Megan Farokhmanesh compiled their favorite character looks and design choices from 2014. Our selections are limited to games released in North America during the calendar year.

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SaveFerris1422d ago

Sunset Overdrive picture - top left. Doesn't seem to be wearing undergarments?