We see Sony has "Lost Memories"

At this point Sony Computer Entertainment hasn't pulled any pre-E3 surprises yet. Their first party line up consists of tested franchises like Resistance, Buzz, and Motorstorm. Little Big Planet is the new IP of the bunch this holiday season. XAM'D: Lost Memories may be the other. The "XAM'D" most likely is a hip homonym for "examined", but the title sounds more like a RPG, maybe an adventure game

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CHRP7183731d ago

sounds like an amazing title for a new IP. I wonder whose making it?
Maybe Naughty Dog?

VsAssassin3731d ago

Yey! New JRPG or RPG is always welcome. I hope we see a trailer for this game at E3!!!

Silogon3731d ago

Sony better hope it has more than

Motorstorm 2
Little Big planet
Resistance 2

For this holiday season. It's going to need a ton to even try to compete with xbox 360 and wii's momentum. Sony has to pull out all the stops and just go. They have to.

SL1M DADDY3731d ago

Just some of them are slated for an earlier release than the holiday season.

SOCOM: Confrontation
Silent Hill: Homecoming

Are a couple of great titles coming around September.

Then you have the multiplatform titles:

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway
Mercinaries 2
Force Unleased
Far Cry 2
Dead Space
Fallout 3
Project Origin
Tomb Raider
And many more

Not to mention Bioshock. I know it has been out for the other systems (360 and PC) but I for one will be buying it for the PS3 just for the enhancements they claim it has. I loved it on the 360 and can't wait to see what else it has to offer on the PS3.

There is more to come from Sony so I would not count them out this holiday season.

What is it exactly that MS has for the 360 to compete with the PS3? Just asking so please take no offense from this.

CBaoth3731d ago

MS:PR, LBP, R2, Socom, and WipeoutHD. And slim provided you w/ a decent multi-plat slate too (although I think Mercs2 was delayed to 04/09 but replace it w/ SC4). How many games does Sony need to release to placate you? Christ, I'm worrying about buying all these games and paying for X-mas this year.