Mass Effect 4 Is Extremely Diverse And Beautiful

Mass Effect is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most beautifully realised pieces of fiction ever created. Be it the huge sweeping landscapes of a distant moon that would suck the air from your lungs, or the mind blowing arches of the Presidium, there’s no denying its near tangible beauty.

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SaveFerris1445d ago

Show us. Don't just tell us.

TheShiteHawk1445d ago ShowReplies(2)
otherZinc1444d ago

Agreed, talk is cheap! Although I believe them.

Make it like Mass Effect 2. Where I can recruit assassins & others that will fight with me to the death!

SaveFerris1444d ago

Yes! Also with the option to romance said assassins if you want.

Tito081444d ago

Nah, they should make it like Mass Effect 4, it's own game.

Smok911444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

"Although I believe them"

Of course you do.

CaptainObvious8781444d ago

For a moment their I thought they meant SJW diverse, not location wise diverse.

Good to know they're not listening to a group of people where most of them have no intention of buying the game.

mixelon1444d ago

Umm.. Bioware? It'll be ridiculously diverse in that way too. It's sort of their thing.

Romance all of the things!

wietkacz1444d ago

i cant wait that long :(

ChrisW1444d ago

Seriously! Show us! But if you're only going to tell us, don't use Twatter with it's limited letter count. Tell us more!!!

garrettbobbyferguson1444d ago

Why are we even approving a twitter post? It's not a news source.

HonestDragon1444d ago

Agreed. This message is like EA's conference at E3 all over again. You need to walk the walk, BioWare.

1444d ago
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Software_Lover1445d ago

RPG please. I want my weapon and ammo choices to actually matter in battle. Thank you.

slasaru011444d ago

They will give you the choices: homosexual of straight

Software_Lover1444d ago

It's sad, but that is probably more important to them lol.

Aloren1444d ago

They did actually matter in 3. Maybe not so much in 2, but ME3 actually put back in a lot of RPG elements : a lot more guns than in 2, weapon mods, weapon upgrades, weapon weight that changed cooldown of powers, and all these while keeping ammo mods like in ME2 (thought in a slightly different form)...

Halo2ODST21444d ago

ME3 had less rpg elements than any of the previous games

Aloren1444d ago

Well, I don't know what you call "RPG elements", but the leveling system, the armor customization, the weapons, the mods, were better in 3 than in 2.

AndrewLB1444d ago

And in Mass Effect 3, Bioware managed to take all those hundreds of painstakingly calculated decisions you made to ensure the best possible outcome.... and threw them all into the garbage can, gave gamers the middle finger, and released a DLC that only made people more angry that they decided to forget about you fighting the reapers, made the illusive man the antagonist, then introduced the space brat as the MAIN antagonist... followed by picking one of three endings.

A friend who I grew up with works for Bioware and told me that Casey Hudson literally sent home most of the development team AND the writers... and he and a few developers hacked together the final parts of the game starting with the assault on Illusive Man's space station. Why? Because their master Electronic Arts needed the game released "no matter what" to help pad the quarterly profit numbers.

I've always maintained that those last sections of the game seemed as if the entire development team went on vacation and told the new intern who had not played either ME1 or ME2, that he is in charge and has to finish things up.

showtimefolks1445d ago

please don't tease us, just show something meaningful soon. btw when will this most likely come out fall 2015 or spring 2016

Ikki_Phoenix1444d ago

we need something alright...i just cant sit and wait till summer its too dam long

showtimefolks1444d ago

true and i also believe that ME4 has been in development for a while, ME3 came out in March 2012. SO a big part of the team was done with ME in October-November 2011

so they started thinking about ME4 in 2011 and most likely had plans even before than. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if ME4 is a fall 2015 or very early 2016 title

CorndogBurglar1444d ago

Considering we haven't seen anything aside from concept art, i'm guessing 2016 sometime. Probably late 2016.

Myst-Vearn1445d ago

I hope it's better than Inquisition. DA:I was too much side quests and not enough of the awesome main story quests.

Eamon1445d ago

Agreed. Felt like an MMO game with Dragon Age stamped on.

Roccetarius1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

It's funny that you say that, considering Inquisition was developed as an MMO, before it was turned into a Single Player game. That's also why you see so much fluff in the game, instead of more meaningful content.

Something else that i thought was interesting, is that they used Kingdoms of Amalur's crafting, but changed it a little bit.

Maxor1444d ago

Completely disagree. People who thinks this game plays like a MMO are clueless. It's that or you guys prefer corridor games where you're locked in and guided down a path like sheeps.

Eamon1444d ago

Origins isn't a linear RPG at all. You can do most of the main missions in any order.
Sure it has labyrinthine dungeons for most of its level design but ironically, it has more explorable cities/towns than Inquisition.

Inquisition is practically just wide open space with many things scattered around.

Dragon Age 2 is the locked-in corridor game where you're guided like sheep.

showtimefolks1444d ago


i went into DA:I thinking it will be great yet came out thinking it was good at best for me personally. Too much side stuff and not a lot of really interesting main story missions

but like everything else in 2014, it was hyped to hell and than some. we have been played by the publishers

watch dogs
and now dragon age

on top of that broken games like:

Drive club
Halo MCC

Bigpappy1444d ago

Because you didn't like the questing, doesn't mean all others feel the same. I happen to enjoy the questing. It pushed me to explore the world much more.

zidane13411444d ago

The main missions are pretty fun, wtf are you talking about. And the fetch quests aren't that bad, and at least there optional.

Eamon1444d ago

Spent over 60 hours on the game, most of it were side quests.

I spent over 60 hours on Dragon Age: Origins, yet most of it was main story missions.

That's the difference between the two games. Origins had an amazing grand story that itself takes at least 50 hours to complete.

Inquisition is by no means a bad game. It's just not really a Dragon Age game. It was made for people who like questing. A true sequel to Origins - was what I was expecting out of Inquisition. It felt like they fixed many mistakes in Dragon Age 2 but made new mistakes in Inquisition.

Maxor1444d ago

What we have here is a linear gamer. People who doesn't like options or exploring in their RPGs. They prefer a guided tour through the storyline, instead they were given Southern Thedas to run around in, got confused and became disinterested.

Their lost. I have zero interest in that sort of RPG. That's last gen and has been done a billion times. DA: Inqusition is clearly a GoTY if you like to explore and embrace your role as a new power in Thedas. In that aspect this game belongs in the pantheon of RPG classics.

Aloren1444d ago

@Eamon, actually, Origins main story line was just as short as in Inquisition and didn't take more than 20 hours to complete if you skipped optional content.

Eamon1444d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

@Aloren, that's false mate. The main missions of DA:O are definitely over 50 hours. I know, because I made it a habit of skipping side-quests because of how long the game was.

If you don't believe me, check out and you'll see.

"What we have here is a linear gamer. People who doesn't like options or exploring in their RPGs."
You can't claim that Inquisition has more "options." One of the biggest complaints is you can't be truly evil in this game. In Origins, you could make Alistair a King to making him Grey Warden Commander or even abandon him or execute him. You could survive the final boss battle or die in the final boss battle. Inquisition doesn't have such varied "options" as Origins - which is understandable it was planned to have sequels.
Unless you're a fan of exploring wide-open empty space, Inquisition had barely any urban exploration at all. Redcliffe was tiny. It felt tinier than Origins' version. The few villages in the sandboxes were small and barren. Does Inquisition have a city as big as Orzammar? Even Denerim was bigger than all of Inquisition's towns. The Dalish Elf camp in Inquisition was practically a tent's size. Origins' Dalish Elf Camp was bigger. Val Royeux is probably the biggest city in the game. And it's smaller than Lothering from Origins.

I was expecting several Kirkwall-sized towns and cities in Inquisition. Instead we got huge sandboxes of wilderness. Once you finished with the Hinterlands and try another sandbox, it felt the same but with different textures.

"They prefer a guided tour through the storyline, instead they were given Southern Thedas to run around in, got confused and became disinterested."
Not confused. Bored. The battle system didn't help. It wasn't as strategic and challenging as Origins' combat. A problem Bioware's had since DA2.
And I finished the game in over 60 hours with majority of side quests done. I don't think I became disinterested. It was interesting enough to keep me grinding.

Aloren1443d ago

@Eamon Well, I checked Howlongtobeat and it gives Origins at 41 hours and Inquisition at 42 hours for main story, on average ; and rushed time at 31 hours for inquisition and 28 hours for Origins.
Agreed, it's more than 20 for Origins, but they're still basically the same length.

Eamon1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

Aloren, you are forgetting the Power meter in Inquisition. You have to complete a certain number of signficant side quests or find then close a certain number of rifts in order to progress the story. That counts as part of the 42 hours Main Story. And in my rough estimate, it's at least a third of total Main Story time.

Origins didn't have any of that. There weren't anything preventing you from progressing with the main game.

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NiteX1444d ago

I hope they learn how to balance it out. DA:I was maybe 15 hours of story quests and 60 hours of side quests that feel so meaningless.

CloudRap1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

I dont understand the praise Inquisition got its worse than DA2 imo. Too much filler quest and primitive combat make it feel like a cheap korean mmo. Kill 10 rams to feed a bunch of lazy villagers, they would
put socialist propaganda in a video game lol.

WitWolfy1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Yes Im like 3 hours in and THE WHOLE GAME IS A SIDE QUEST. They shouldve called it SIDE QUEST Inqusition.

Dewitt1444d ago

Wit...Leave the Hinterlands before you day anything.

Kingdomcome2471444d ago

I really like the game. I'm making a concerted effort to get into RPGs this gen. I have minimal experience with games like this. I don't know what I'm doing a lot of the time with my party's gear, though. I feel like I spend more time managing inventory, etc... than I do actively playing. Am I just playing it wrong? (Extremely probable)

Killz4Twinkies1444d ago

I wouldnt say that you are playing them wrong. To make a great RPG - the player should have the option to play the way they want to play. For example i will spend forever tinkering with armor/weapon customization while the next person may just equip the newest item then be on their way to continue the story/exploring/harvesting whatever their preference is.

Kingdomcome2471444d ago

Thanks man. I'm starting to notice that there are areas I probably shouldn't go just yet lol. I guess I gain XP and then swing back. A run of the mill dragon (I think. Fereldan Frostback) tore me up. I'm a level 9 mage currently, I believe.

zidane13411444d ago

okay DA2 was a boring snoozefest. You are ovviously not past the first area if you think the gam is full of things like "kill 10 rams" nonstop. 100 hours in and about halfway through the story, and it is NOWHERE NEAR that bad, stop being a drama queen. The combat also gets better when your past the first few levels. not the best combat ever but its the same damn thing as the first couple.

jznrpg1444d ago

DA2 was close to garbage, I really enjoy Inquisition , 100 hours in on massacre difficulty and still going. The ere are some things I would change but overall I am happy.

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