Top Overhyped Games of All Time

This year we have seen some amazing games come out, and as usual developers hyped up their games to promote sales. Promoting is not an evil thing for the most part, however when developers go overboard in hyping the game to no end, is when gamers should draw the line and take it with a pinch of salt.

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DarkOcelet1446d ago

LA Noire was a masterpiece, it shouldn't be on the list nor should The Evil Within and why the heck do they put spiderman pic when he is not even on the list.

ISHU1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Already Changed dat pic bro!

Kingthrash3601446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Was a pic of titanfall supposed to be there instead? I can't seem to find that overhyped game at all on your list.
"The cod killer".."revolution ary"..."evolutionary "... Quotes found in the articles to the commercials and the titan reveals all were seen everywhere but no one is playing it. The cod killer has less players playing online than ghosts...yeah, ghost aka the worst cod game ever made has more people playing it EVEN AFTER THE MUCH BETTER CODAV LAUNCHED. If that isn't over hyped I don't know what is.
Protip: no I'm no cod fan ...I like bf better than cod.
I've played tf and it was just didn't keep my or many others attention for long. To say its a cod killer...or any other fps killer is just hype gone wrong.

Nerdmaster1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

LA Noire was not a bad game, but I don't think it was great. It wasn't prepared for when we didn't make the best choices. Many time I screwed up during an interrogation, and before the end of the chapter Cole knew things he shouldn't know because it would be said during that interrogation, but since I screwed up they were never said.

Many times in the end of a chapter I had to read walkthroughs to find out where he would get those information from. For example, in the end of a chapter Cole would say something like "and that's how he managed to buy that diamond ring", but during the whole chapter nobody mentioned a single diamond ring. So when I read a walkthrough it would say "if you push the wife enough, she will tell you that her husband bought a diamond ring for his mistress". But since I didn't, Cole shouldn't know about it.

It's the main reason why I stopped playing it. When I didn't make the best choices, I has often left saying ".... what?".

TheShiteHawk1446d ago

Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall and Fable 3 should all headline that list!
Must be a list some xbox fanboy drew up on a sheet of bogroll!

Krypto_Joe1446d ago

SSO really? I'll give you Fable 3, but don't let choice of platform cloud your judgement.

MasterCornholio1446d ago

I gotta side with Joe on this one. Fable 3 and Titanfall were overhyped but SSO is a different story. In my opinion the game received the correct level of hype unlike Titanfall and Fable 3.

DJustinUNCHAIND1445d ago

Titanfall is a great game and it's fun watching haters get so burnt up about it.

Ka7be1446d ago

Skyrim is the most over hyped and overrated game ever made!

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jackwei221446d ago

Call of Duty World At War overhyped really?

Jdoki1446d ago

This list seems to confuse disappointing with overhyped - and in some cases is flat out wrong on both counts.

In most cases hype is generated from the media rather than the developers / publishers. What I've been seeing more and more of from journalists is they hype the games and then immediately bash them on launch because they didn't live up to some imaginary bar that was set.

BlackCountryBob1446d ago

Exactly, it's almost the British tabloid approach of build them up so you can knock them down and I feel goes hand in hand with the annoying trend of the angry game journo which has seeped into other media (movie sins I'm looking at you) that the constructive and well researched opinions which distinguished good journalism have been replaced by faux anger, shouting loud and lots of swearing.

Perhaps the cure is to either stop gushing over announcement trailers or encourage more publishers to only announce near to release such as with Alien which if memory serves was announced only 9 months before release and was fully playable rather than being a CG trailer or gameplay on a £10k PC.

OB1Biker1445d ago

Totally agree with what you said. I dont know. People dont realize the publishers just do their jobs in promoting the game? The hype comes from the media first and then from us getting caught in the train so to speak.
Anyway I click the link just to see its gamingbolt an hit the closing button straightaway. dam it

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4theplayers1446d ago

Top 3:

Gears of War
Gran Turismo

True_Samurai1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

-Says no one

EvilWay1446d ago

Best selling franchise ever overhyped? Explain yourself

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