Sonic Runners Confirmed For Mobile Release

After rumours last month of a new Sonic Team-developed game by the name of Sonic Runners being readied for release, Sega has confirmed the existence of the title at a Japanese fan event.

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Linkz9731421d ago

but for mobile smfh they need to get away from this boom crap and go back to the classic style just do another sonic 3 and kuck seriously that game was perfect the way it played and everything smh

Roaddhogg1421d ago

Mm, it's disappointing that Sonic Team (presuming it is actually them and not just a rebadged Dimps) have been sidelined with a mobile title. Hopefully we'll at least see a Taxman/Stealth remastered Sonic 3 in 2015.

odinsthrone1421d ago

It's like Sonic Team forgot how to make games somewhere. Or taught their marketers how to make games.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1421d ago

everyone that made sonic the original sega left. only morons work at sega now thats why sonic has turned into a experimental joke all these years with games that dont make sense to the sonic franchise or gameplay that have no challenge that are so simple. werewolf that arms stretch to colored aliens to time travel egyptian era to midieval era sonic boom with electric rope rods etc they seriously dont know what to do with sonic and they try to turn sonic into this disney character with sonic boom now i dont know if alot of that got rubbed on by nintendos partnership that sonic games just kept getting more toddler and kiddy but its only been downhill with the idiots in control now. i remember sega saying they wanted to stay third party so everyone can enjoy sega games on every platform yet they totally sold out to nintendo with all the exclusives they been getting with sonic. im just glad that nintendo contract is expired so sonic fans aren't obligated to get a certain console cause of it.

Harrylikesgames1421d ago

Sonic is basically the Star Wars of video games at this point. The franchise just needs to be left alone for a few years

scark921421d ago

Sonic! You shall be missed! *sniff*

Gezmoyassine1421d ago

They need to put Sonic to sleep for a WHILE....

sonic9891421d ago

Yeah like 2 years break to ensure that they can pull everything off correctly yeah I agree.
But deep inside me I want that sonic game on my ps4 a reunion after the 3 games deal and of course sonic colors.

imXify1421d ago

The 3 games deal is over ! :D

Sega said the second game was Sonic and Mario at the olympics.

So Sonic on PS4 for 2015? I think so.

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The story is too old to be commented.