MSI Z97I Gaming ACK Motherboard Announced

MSI, a leader in the technology of the worldwide motherboard, announces mini-ITX gaming solution , with ACK powered by Killer Pro DoubleShot the M.2 connectivity and a completely new set of oriented PCB design. Gamers worldwide looking for a powerful small size gaming machine with all the bells and whistles needed are now get excited.

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masterfox1447d ago

Red and black my all time favorite color combination, seriously I need to consider upgrade my gaming rig asap, is so old now :(.

mikeslemonade1446d ago

Meh.. I have the Z97-A. Not a slick component unless it can SLI.

Wizard_King1446d ago

Not sure how this is related to N4g anyway, this should go on techSpy.

It's a neat little board. But the lack of SLi is a but of a limiter and the size of the GPU if you use a small case to maximize the smalls bards abilities.

0ut1awed1446d ago

You're in luck as it seems to be the most favored one for years now. I guess the Asus ROG really started it.

mixelon1446d ago

Mini ITX systems are so damn cute. Makes me want to build little PCs I have absolutely no use for. XD

0ut1awed1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

And you got disagrees for that? LMAO.

I have felt the same way for a long time. They really hit the market hard about a month after I finally built my dream rig. I was so jelly. I really want to build a custom loop watercooled mini ITX. Those systems are so freaking sick.

Won a $2500 build your own PC contest in which I got to semi play out my desires but ultimately had to stick with micro atx and closed loop as raw specs were the most important. I knew it was going to a friend to game with.

dredgewalker1446d ago

Even I want to build a mini itx pc. My rig is quite big and it's quite a hassle to take it with me to places where I might need it. I am already planning my build with the itx gtx 970 as my graphic card. Though my budget is a bit stretched out next year cause I'm getting a new toy for the shooting range.

ninjahunter1446d ago

Holy cow, all you need is a low profile GPU and you could fit the whole PC in a lunch box.

dredgewalker1446d ago

The itx gtx 970 might do that job :)

ChrisW1446d ago

Not bad for a mini ITX, but if you want to go small but powerful, you shouldn't go any smaller than a micro ATX... Which confusingly is half way between a standard ATX and a mini ITX.

mixelon1446d ago

Unless you want even smaller for some reason. Maybe to fit into a limited space in a media center? I haven't a clue, they're just adorable. :D