Cara Ellison's Top 10 Games of 2014

Cara Ellison spent 2014 traveling the globe, yet somehow she still found a way to play enough games to make a proper top 10 list.

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XXXL1443d ago

This list is pure shit

Relientk771443d ago

I looked at the page saw Shadow of Mordor at #10 and immediately agreed with you. I mean cmon Shadow of Mordor is absolutely awesome its one of the best games this year not #10

also the rest of this list is just yeah it's bad (excluding Alien)

FastRedPonyCar1443d ago

SOM wouldn't even be in my top 10 honestly. I didn't care for it. The orc respawns are overpowering and unfair (trying to take down a war chief only to have endless waves of orcs spawn out of thin air behind me), the world is bland and uninteresting.. don't care to fight in a giant mud pit the whole game.

The controls are clunky and the combat is uninspiring.

Nemesis system is neat for a while but eventually lost it's appeal.

3-4-51443d ago

This article was written by somebody who is really into what they are into, and not much else...

Their gaming "taste" is ........special.

Sketchy_Galore1443d ago

Well that's certainly an... interestingly written article. Not sure I understood a word of it but it was... interesting.

Some pretty original choices too though I must admit, while I honestly love games that try to present unique and original experiences I can't help but feel like there are a vastly growing army of hacks riding the coat tails of brilliant games such as Journey by masking their lazy shallow games in 'minimalism' and 'subtext' and somebody really needs to call some of them out.

I'm getting a little tired of reading reviews for Indie games like, 'I was amazed at the stark beauty of the graphics that consist of nothing more than a single flat blue square on a flat grey background and the minimalist approach to gameplay that requires us to do no more than tap the square three times until a message appears on screen stating, 'Are you the winner?', questioning our very concept of what it means to 'win' a game. Not since the game in which you watch a kettle boil while listening to an old man read poetry dedicated to his terminally ill grandson have I been so moved by a videogame'.

Bimkoblerutso1443d ago

The whole list just feels like bait to me. It's a list that seems like it was compiled to goad people into calling it out.

shammgod1443d ago

This list is straight up garbage

SilentNegotiator1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Lame hipster list from someone that even says that they didn't play many games this year.

It's always the one with the freaking bright dyed hair...

mixelon1443d ago

"Its always the one with the freaking bright dyed hair.." It isn't though? That's a weird stereotype you've got.

A lot of young women have brightly coloured hair, to the extent it's normal. It's not a signifier of anything.

Leigh and Anita - neither have brightly coloured hair?

SilentNegotiator1443d ago

It's definitely not THAT common, other than among a certain few subsets of people.

mixelon1443d ago

It's incredibly common among young women where I live. :) And I work at a university bookshop so am surrounded by them. and it's not "some subset" that means anything, there is no uniform for SJWs, lol. A lot of girls have experimental or interesting hair and looks and it doesn't mean anything about their personality or socio-political leanings. Not here anyway, maybe diff where you are.

Only stepped in because that was weirdly prejudiced against.. Coloured hair.. of all things. And a totally douchey attitude to have.

SilentNegotiator1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

I literally didn't say anything about SJWs, socio-political leanings, or anything else you just said, in this comment section.

mixelon1442d ago

"I literally didn't say anything about SJWs, socio-political leanings, or anything else you just said, in this comment section."

Ok, but it's a common sentiment here. Seemed a safe assumption.

"It's always the one with the freaking bright dyed hair..."

What is, then? XD *What* is always the one with the freaking bright dyed hair?

medman1443d ago

Well, I'll say this...I never heard of some of those games. So kudos for originality, at least.

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