8 Predicted New Features Of The PS5 And Xbox Two

The author makes 8 predictions on what new features will be on the next versions of the Xbox and Playstation

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SaveFerris1445d ago

No. I don't want it to be a portable console with no physical media and completely weird controllers. But it needs to be able to display 1080p and 60fps at a minimum. An HDD greater than 500GB would be preferable at launch too.

Rimeskeem1445d ago

At that point a 2 TB Hdd would be needed with the graphics that would be produced

indyman77771444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Yeah I agree at that point 1TB would be a MAJOR letdown, let alone 500gb. But lets be honest about the next consoles being smaller at launch because of mores law. This law has been happening since before the genesis. Last time I checked (if we ignore the 3do). The consoles have been getting bigger and bigger! Look at the PS2, and now the PS4, Look at the xbox, and now the xbox one.

The reason? Because the majority of shrinking is on cards, and CPU's after they have been out. Look at the pc! Look at xbox360 elite, and xbox slim, Look at PS3 fat and PS3 slim. But they are all starting off larger before shrinking.

No one wanted a TRAILING edge PS4, and xbox one! We want cutting edge! So the new living large stuff was stuffed in there. Same will happen to xbox two, and PS5. The cutting stuff is large the trailing stuff is whats slimmed down. Look at CPU's, and GPU's before they get put in a laptop. They may get a new name but 90% of them are downgrades from the larger desktop (few exceptions).

Think I'm kidding these video cards take 300 watts by themselves, but the cache size and speed and transistor counts go down when they are put in a laptop.

kingbain901445d ago

Prepare to be disappointed, not all games will be 1080p 60fps no matter how powerful it is. (Unless its uber powerful that'll cost $1000+)

lemoncake1445d ago

4k at 30fps should be the minimum for next gen, the price of 4k tvs has dropped much quicker than I thought they would.

AngelicIceDiamond1444d ago

No, no, no lets stay focused on The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One right now.

The very last thing I wanna do is dream about PS5 and Xbox infinite especially considering this gen has problems that need fixing and hasn't even hit its stride yet with software.

No, lets talk about 8 things current gen needs.

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fermcr1445d ago

I'll make a prediction. The next Xbox is not going to be named Xbox Two.

uth111445d ago

Agreed, MS has repeated shown they can't count in sequence :)

My prediction: Xbox Vista

JimmyDM901444d ago

Xbox One-der. Mark my words.

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