#GamerGate: How Video Game Journalists Fail At Being Ethical

One Angry Gamer "One of the big problems in today’s media circles for the gaming industry is that there are too few individuals with sway over the industry who actually put consumers first. It’s baffling how the individuals who are the gatekeepers between publishers and consumers have such a hard time defending the gamers who keep the industry alive by putting their money into it."

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StarLord_Who1445d ago

Is this Journalists being ethical or is it just a lot of wannabe journalists being mean to real journalists??

ginganinja1445d ago

The 'beauty' about GrumblyGoat is that it can be about whatever the heck you want it to be about.
You can say whatever you want, safe in the knowledge you don't need to be accountable.

Spotie1445d ago

Thanks for the gross generalizations of everything ever, especially when it comes to the internet.

You know damn well what gamergate is about. Everyone does. But folks like you and Sarkeesian and every other journalist out there take the exception to the movement and make it the rule. You decide a handful of trolls with dozens of accounts will obscure the movement's actual purpose, thus ensuring it will never do anything.

Damn every instance of gg doing anything to back up the claim of its intentions; the only thing that matters are the anonymous clowns that have attached themselves to the hashtag.

The situation is so ridiculously unfair it's almost comical. The only people who can really give us news on gamergate are the very same people gamergate is criticizing. You're telling me you see nothing like a conflict of interest there? Since when do people accused of corruption willingly report evidence of that corruption?

And you guys continue to help them keep their secrets hidden by not even bothering to wonder just why it is that gaming journalists are going so far to insult GAMERS.

Rather than being comical, however, your willingness to swallow the rhetoric fed to you without hesitation is just sad and pathetic.

lreyna1444d ago

The only thing this site seems to post is pro-GG news pieces that no respectable website would post, while downplaying the harassment and conflicting message behind the movement. Anything for hits.

WilliamUsher1444d ago

I'm posting facts... like the fact Patrick Klepek broke anti-trust laws.

Any respectable outlet would own up to breaching a federal law. Only a fool would run and hide.

No worries, we've contacted the FTC/FBI. They'll decide if Klepek's actions were respectable. ;)

rainslacker1444d ago

I see plenty of anti-GG pieces as well. Maybe you should look around a little more.

wannabe gamer1445d ago

oooboolly gooobbbooolly gooooo

Godmars2901445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

We had whole waves of bloggers, people with no journalistic background whatsoever, come in and become the majority of the reviewer community. And along with them came the likes of Leigh Alexander who possessed social skills, and a total lack of understanding of consumers much less games. Who, by all appearances, would be just as happy if the gaming industry crashed so they could insert their ideologies into the remains.

mixelon1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

So you've read Leigh's *books* on the games industry i gather? (She clearly knows and cares about this stuff) as well as her columns for major publications, not just the ones people thought (rightly or not) were trolling? She writes about games and the industry. She has a lot to say about game mechanics and story telling. And gaming history. FFS she regularly posts retro lets plays. What the hell does someone have to do to qualify as a "real gamer?"

Or how about the masses she's written about Kojimas games and how awesome they are? Leigh is no enemy of gaming. She has issues with certain people, but that doesn't devalue the body of her work.

Godmars2901444d ago

I'm weighing whatever good she's done for gaming versus virtually being one of the ringleaders for anti-GG. For essentially starting GG.

spartanlemur1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

A thinker gives something the benefit of the doubt before judging it. They ask the question "is my opinion biased?"; they ask "am I missing something which makes the status quo great?".

The preacher is just an instrument for ignorance, being guilty of confirmation bias, and failure to even bother trying to reject any semblance of a null hypothesis, leading to type 1 errors in abundance. The preacher asserts "this is bad, how can I make people agree with me" or "this is bad, I'm not going to bother trying to see any good in it".

You can enjoy games and still be an ignorant preacher. Leigh is one such individual.

What people fail to realise in the 21st century is that "liberals" have become conservative and "conservatives" have become liberal. The tables have turned, and very few people have woken up to that fact yet.
The arguments posed by GG are not traditional conservative arguments of "common sense", "that's the way it has always been" or "because my morality is objectively true and this is bad". They're far more sophisticated than that; indeed, those arguments are more commonly used by the anti-GG crowd.

rainslacker1444d ago

I've read some of her stuff outside of websites, and she is good at that stuff. I never liked her much overall, but she is competent enough to talk about games and their design, however, I don't think she's competent enough to speak about the industry because she obviously has her own interests so can not remain unbiased. it's like publishers saying all-digital is the future...we know that's in their own self-interests/agenda.

My problem with her is trying to dictate a narrative that doesn't exist, having a questionable moral compass based on her work since the "Gamers are dead" thing she did a while back, and the fact that despite her vast knowledge, she ignores real market forces which mean a hell of a lot more than whatever her opinion may be. Through that ignoring of market forces, her ideas are about a new community, and not one built off what is already there. Her views seemed aimed at supplanting the current community with some sort of freakish sheep that don't question anything.

I understand that she has issues with certain people, we all do, but her gross over-generalization of the community based on those issues is what turns me off of her opinion.

lreyna1444d ago


Facts my asteroids. Every news piece I see from this site has been sensationalism.

"No worries, we've contacted the FTC/FBI. They'll decide if Klepek's actions were respectable. ;)"

I'm sure he shaking in his boots right now, while he's actually writes credible news pieces and well respected game reviews for Giant Bomb.

Meanwhile, the FBI is investigating the death and rape threats made by #GG.