Dead or Alive 5: Last round receives new gameplay video; showing off curves

Tecmo's Dead or Alive series is well known for it's ladies and Tecmo has now released a new gameplay video showing off footage of Christie vs Sarah.

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arbitor3651176d ago

uh oh. Inb4 feminists say this game promotes misogyny and any guys who like seeing boobs are scumbags and woman haters.

viperman2401176d ago

Pretty much, but don't worry this is a Japanese game and the Japanese don't care about feminism.

This pretty much sums up feminists.

Yi-Long1176d ago

The Japanese are simply realistic in accepting that people like seeing healthy sexy people in their light entertainment, instead of being hypocrites about it like the west.

In a way, that's a more mature way to deal with these 'issues'...

Inception1176d ago

Don't worry about those stupid feminist. They can scream as much as they can about DoA, but Team Ninja didn't give a f*kin care about them. So you can relax.

kakashi811176d ago

I wish this was on the wii u.

masterfox1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

hell NO!!! I don't want Nintendo to put Mario in it with bouncy things!!! ewwwww.

NiteX1176d ago

I dunno man, Mario's bouncing package sure does sound hot.

VER1ON1176d ago

*customize character > curves > shape > round

FanboyKilla1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

I think im in! One of the best fighters imo. Hope it isnt 60 bucks though.

d3nworth11175d ago

Ps4 and XB1 versions are $40 Ps3 and 360 versions are $30 and $36 on PC.

StarLord_Who1176d ago

Wow another perverted game. What a surprise.

This perverted game is a "remaster" s it's the viagra of games.

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