PlayStation Network access is being restored

Sony just announced that the PSN is finally getting back online after a second extended outage and a brief period online following Christmas' blackout.

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marloc_x1421d ago

Lame that the two services were down :(

ShinMaster1420d ago

Somehow I was able to get online on PSN on the 25th in the evening and even uploaded a couple of gameplay videos just fine. Then I wasn't able to get on again the next day. However I've been on all day today.

1421d ago
Rimeskeem1421d ago

Greatness is coming back!

thecowsaysmoo1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Geez 3 day outage. At least when xbox live went down it only went down for maybe 1 hour at most.

BattleAxe1421d ago

Live was down for roughly 24 hours, but I agree that Sony's downtime is ridiculous.

Ausbo1421d ago

It wasn't ever completely down. It was very patchy

Army_of_Darkness1420d ago


Hey dumba$$, where are you in this current article??

VegasDawg1420d ago

Hey there fanBOY, XBL live was NEVER DOWN. SOME people had issues SOME, try reading. I had zero problems ZERO and that's the gods honest truth.

SilentNegotiator1421d ago

Shocker; this comment section is filled with trolls claiming that XBL was only down for 2 minutes and PSN hasn't worked for one minute since Christmas, despite both networks suffering very similar issues.

dericb111421d ago


Calling it a war. People who owned either of the consoles getting screwed and troll still have to nerve to lie. What is there to gain when we all know both services are down.

VegasDawg1420d ago

Nobody is lying, you're in denial. I had zero problems through all this on XBL. I know it's hard for you to believe but it was never "down" except in the UK where it went "down" for an hour and a half. SOME PEOPLE had issues SOME could not sign in, SOME mp would not play and SOME apps did not work. That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me gawd..

PeaSFor1421d ago

wtf are you talking about with your one hour?dat blatant lie.

lol again, more like 3days.

dericb111421d ago

Thanks for not trolling like some of these silly people. As player we need to inform each other of the truth. We are paying for the service not trolls.

bananaboats1421d ago

you gotta realize, people have different experiences with the network. some people have it down for a few hours and others for more. My XBL was down for about 6 hrs, that doesn't mean that XBL was fixed 100%. Regardless It's annoying to have to deal with this downtime especially during the holidays.

CorndogBurglar1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Thank you. People dont realize that everyone gets effected differently. There were people on both PSN and XBL that never even lost connectivity. While people like me couldn't log in to PSN for 2 full days. Not to mention the people in between who just had sporadic access.

I laughed at all the comments over the past few days of some people calling the articles B.S. because they were playing at that moment. It just goes to show the ignorance of some commentors.

VegasDawg1420d ago

MY Xbl was NEVER DOWN. Calling people trolls is asinine, XBL has many, many regions and servers all over the world, I doubt you could attack them all at once. I'm no troll and I have no reason to lie, I hate fanBOYs, I think they are bad for gaming. Some people had problems, SOME not all.

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Revengeance1421d ago

1 hour? Who brainwashed you into thinking that? Micro$oft?

bleedsoe9mm1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

love that you get down vote for telling the truth , my psn and live were both down when i got home home work on dec 24 at 4pm (how long they were out before that during the day i have no idea) live went back up about 9pm dec 24 , my psn finally came back this morning dec 28 (or sometime thru the night) . now if these fanboys want to deny this fine , but sony really needs to do more to improve their network .

kayoss1420d ago

"...these fanboys...." You're calling out fanboys is very funny. Have you read you comment history? You're the definition of a fanboy. The difference between you and greenpowerz is that you try to be a stealthy troll.

bleedsoe9mm1420d ago (Edited 1420d ago )

@kayoss if owning all the consoles and not caring what name is on the console i'm playing makes me a fanboy then i'm guilty . pretending xbl and psn bounced back exactly the same from the christmas attack does make you a fanboy . see we both can read comment histories .

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George Sears1421d ago

Mine is still down (PS4, haven't bothered with PS3). Weirdly, my Vita works great.

MRMagoo1231421d ago

It seemed it was down for me this morning but all I had to do was go into the sign in part and it worked, it wouldnt sign in by itself , maybe give that a go.

CorndogBurglar1421d ago

I tried logging in manually like a hundred times and never got in. Just goes to show that everyone's experiences were different.

ps4gamer19831421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Ps3 was down too (at least for me), mr president

LordMaim1421d ago

Maybe just try again, due to the sudden spike in traffic with millions of new users downloading firmware and their initial offering of free PS+ games all at the same time.

It was up yesterday for me, and I'm still able to log in today with no problems. Either it's bad luck or I'm thinking some people just like to make more of this than it is.

alb18991421d ago

Mine is down, this is crazy.

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