Kojima Shows Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Pictures on PS4; The Infamous Chicken Cap and More

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is teasing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, showing pictures of the PS4 version of the game in development.

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Batzi1362d ago

Looks like it's nearing completion.

breakpad1362d ago

the thing that like with this man is that achieved to have the only super successive AAA one-man-game out there,which nobody else can touch it nor companies nor developers nor idiotic fans ..and all together are submissively eager to see his next creation...He is a true mastermind

BiggCMan1361d ago

Well, I think we should still be thankful for his Kojima Productions team. He has a pretty large studio there, all of which are just as important as Kojima himself is in my opinion.

Keep in mind Kojima isn't on the tech side of things, at least as far as I know (please correct me if i'm wrong).

So all of those people who make the actual game run, make it look so good and run so smooth etc. Everyone deserves credit at a game studio, not just one person.

breakpad1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

@ Bigg yea the team behind Kojima is as skillfull as he,as you mention the engine they had developed behind mGS games is one of the best if not the best and also his art team (Shinkawa etcetc) for me is straightforward the best ever in gaming history..but if you consider that all these people came together because they were chosen and are mentored by Kojima then again puts him even higher in terms of intelligence ...ihave started to believe (just my own silly conspiracy theory)that maybe he is supported by japanese government or jpn military...his ideas and mechanics in games are surpassing any regular game developer and they resemble these of a science researcher in terms of innovation and ingenuity

Wizard_King1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Pity they are not showing off more of the 4k on ultra pics and vids. Compared to devs like Ubisoft, Kojima is the master of optimization, game runs maxed out at 1080/60 on a single GTX670. While games from Ubisoft that don't look anywhere near as good or have as much going on require usually 2 GTX670's to get ultra settings.

His team are very skillful.

showtimefolks1361d ago

I hope it comes out in first few months of 2015 with both Bloodborne and WITCHER 3 now delayed why not. But who am I kidding this is MGS and I will buy it day one whenever it launches. Kojima is no doubt one of the best.

Also he knows exactly how to play with our minds and hearts. Best troll ever in a good way lol

Captain_Wormy1362d ago

Man what a trip it would be to be inside Kojima's head and see what the hell he's cookin' up there for MGSV:TPP

WitWolfy1362d ago

I used to be excited about this game until after all the stories came of next to no codecs and next to no cutscenes to cater to a bigger audience. What a douchebag way to give your long time fans the middlefinger kojima.

Tito081362d ago Show
Fez1362d ago

Speaking as a massive MGS fan I don't think these are necessarily problems... The codec calls are iconic but why stop the gameplay when it can just be a voice in your ear.

As long as the story is great and is told well why would any MGS fan be upset that cut scenes might be shorter? I'd rather more of the story was told through gameplay.

The only think I'm annoyed about is the situation with hayter.. I don't even know if Sutherland was any good as he hardly makes a noise in ground zeroes!

mgszelda11361d ago

Kojima always says that cutscenes will be less and less. IMO they seem to get longer... lol(which is fine).
He says that every time he makes a new MGS, just like each is supposed to be his last and never is

Morpheuzpr1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

Has anybody here ever heard about the theory that Quiet could be a trans Chico? I saw a vid the other day on YT about it and it kinda made sense. Anyway the hype is rising by the minute for this game.


Loktai1362d ago

I Kinda thought that might be but... some things about it dont make sense . It would be pretty screwed up if it happened to be true but Im not sure it would be the most screwed up thing.... making me think its possible and being afraid to put it past Hideo Kojima.

Morpheuzpr1362d ago

I wouldn't mind it happens to be true to be honest. In fact it would be like "Spoiler Alert" the torture scene in MGS3 when you finally realize that Snake and the whole story is actually about Big Boss.

Tito081362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

That has being proven false by the actress playing Quiet, totally confirmed Quiet is definitely a female, it was some western dummy's theory, just like those saying Big Boss was Gray Fox, ridiculous considering Big Boss met Gray Fox in Portsble Ops, he was originally named Null, not real Metal Gear fans, lol smh.

SaveFerris1362d ago

Yup. Stefanie Joosten is definitely a woman. Definitely.

Tito081362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

@SaveFerris- And the character Quiet as well, nice try "Wise guy."

Fez1361d ago

I bought portable ops but haven't been able to finish it, the gameplay isn't very enjoyable :(

Is Null really gray fox? I thought solid snake beat human Gray fox on a minefield in metal gear and that's how he became the cyborg ninja in metal gear solid...

Morpheuzpr1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

@ Tito
Yeah I saw that interview from kojima station.

@Fez Null is indeed Frank Jeager AKA Gray Fox.

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Kingdomcome2471362d ago

That's a cool hard drive cover that he has.

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