DIY: Double both your PS4 and Xbox One storage space for just over AU$100

Vic B'Stard writes: "So you’ve had your Xbox One and/or PlayStation 4 for just over a year now. Whilst their respective game catalogues are not huge by any stretch of the imagination. There’s still enough out there to fill up the rather paltry 500GB hard drives that both Sony and Microsoft decided to ship in their respective consoles.

If you have moderately large gaming budget or, like me, you review a lot of games your console hard drive(s) may be starting to bulge a bit with all those games installed on them."

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pelktown1447d ago

Or u can go to ebay and buy a 4 T hard drive from Seagate for about 60 $ like I did and save money and never worry and out storage

VicBStard1447d ago

A 4TB 2.5" drive for a PS4? Not seen one yet. My 1TB drive is pretty full now!

MeliMel1447d ago

I think they meant for Xbox One. I have the 500gb internal, and two 3tb external hdd for Xbox One. One for games the other for apps/movies and music.

daBUSHwhaka1447d ago

Yep.Got a 4TB two months ago for $72 for xbox one from Amazon.

Tapani1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I dunno about you guys, but for me that 415 gigs of PS4 harddrive is more than enough for 5-10 AAA games + loads of indies. I just download the games again if I want to play them again. All of my games are digital anyway. I'm actually thinking of changing to 256gigs SSD drive. And I'm using 4G 50mbit/50mbit phone, limitless data and it's only 20 euros a month. The speed is around 20mbit-30mbit, so I just leave my ps4 on stand by for the night and in the morning those 40-50gigs games are done. At worst at 90%. No hurry for me.

Svinya1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Why even bother with an SSD drive? Tests have shown that neither the PS4, nor the X1 significantly benefit from them in loading speeds AND you're giving up half the capacity.

Tapani1447d ago

It's a good point. I'm not entirely sure if the boot up, install and loading times are truly that much better on SSD which is why I've been holding off the purchase so far. Maybe there are even faster and better SSDs coming out later or maybe PS4 OS will be updated to give better support for them later, but for now, it's just an idea.

nitus101447d ago

Why not purchase a 7200 rpm drive which is about 30% faster than the equivalent 5400 rpm drive and approximately 5% to 10% dearer. Sure you could get an SSD which is lightning fast but it is debatable if you will see that performance improvement on either your PS4 or Xbox.

Getting a 7200 rpm drive is allot kinder on your wallet than getting an equivalent sized SSD. Of course if you are building your own PC it would be well worth getting a 64GB or 128GB SSD for your system disk and a reasonable performance hard disk or disks for everything else.

No_Limit1447d ago

Don't know what the conversion rate is from AU to US dollars but I got a 3 gig external drive for my XB1 for $100 and it is the best thing ever as it is storing all my games. I also install a 1.5tb internal HDD in my PS4 but wish there is an option like the XB1 so I can just plug-N-Play and add more space as needed in the future. Hopefully external HDD is an option on the PS4 sometime next year.

MeliMel1447d ago

Yeah man Xbox has the best solution. Well until PS4 gets external update anyways.

madmonkey011447d ago

3 gig for $100, reminds me of 2002

No_Limit1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Lol..i of course meant 3tb. Good catch.

weirdo1447d ago

best solution for me is my 2tb internal

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