We Forgot What We Came For

Brett says, "When people spend years doing any one thing, they often lose sight of what attracted them to it in the first place. Professional athletes often get wrapped up in the money and fame that comes with their positions, while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls that come as well. They can become jaded with the sport when they lose sight of what motivated them in the beginning: the love of the game. The same sport they used to spend all of their time playing for free and found so much enjoyment in becomes a chore. Unfortunately, it seems many of us as gamers have reached this critical breaking point."

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AWBrawler1423d ago

sigh.... the flaw with this article is each fanbase ha sits own set of complaints about the state of gaming, but he is just mixing them all together. For Example: as a Nintendo fan, I never complain about a game taking too long to release, a game being too long, or graphics not being good enough. The thing to remember is that for the most part, Fans of each respective console believe the direction that their console maker is taking gaming in is the direction that is best for gaming. For example: My brother is a big xbox fan, and believes games should be more online heavy and story heavy with cutscenes. I persoanlly prefer gaming to be told as I play it, like Kid Icarus Uprising, Musou games, or Star Fox, but its unfair to grouyp both our views/complaints together, because they are from two separate views on what gaming should be. I have not lost my way or forgotten what i'm gaming for. I'm not gaming for glory (smash bros pun intended), not gaming for trophies or achievements, not gaming to analyze graphics, resolutions, or frame rates. no, I'm gaming for fun, and the love of the game.

In closing, this article is flawed unless he goes in and edits it to explain that different fanbases have different complaints.

Kingdomcome2471423d ago

Very well put. I believe that there is some overlap, though.

SaveFerris1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

I have to agree with some of the article and it is kinda sad that some gamers do act like that sometimes, including myself. Is it because we have become more cynical, demanding and feel we are entitled to more than we deserve due to changes in society?

Roccetarius1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

As much as people want to play for fun, they have to remember that gaming has to progress technically as well. That progress is slowed down significantly for a few obvious reasons, which forces developers to make do with what was in years ago.

The new generation of gamers may be fumbling in the darkness, but those of us who lived to see the evolution, or at least some of it, is dissapointed with the way things are heading. Thanks to the new generation, we may even live to see gaming become a service like Netflix.

T2X1423d ago

No, I'm sorry the writer of this article is very much right on point. Think of all of the articles you've read up to this point in the year. Most of it has been exactly the whining he's referring to. The graphics aren't next gen enough, The Frames per second isn't good enough, our system's online doesn't go down like yours and when it does it comes back faster... etc....etc.... He's correct. Which is why we can't let this crap get to us. Sometimes I just throw a game in and play for an hour and that's enough for me. The measure of the games value? If I enjoyed that hour. Nuff said!

CYBERHATER1423d ago (Edited 1423d ago )

It's more like what you came here for is no longer here. Imagine that first experience playing contra out the box for the first time on nes? Sonic on genesis? Soul calibur 2 on dream cast? Even tekken tag on ps2? Awesome wasnt it. :) Now come to the future and imagine those games being unfinished or not working out the box. Imagine them being always online and lag or hackers destroy your experience. Imagine you purchased contra based on a certain gun, character, or style? Then watch helplessly as it is b%=÷× about and patched out of existance. Imagine you no longer own the game you pay your hard money for. Imagine pushing up, up, down, down, select, start, for extra lives got u banned. Imagine you can no longer trust the companies you used to adore. Imagine no more because this is the future of games. Try not to throw something :)

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