8 Biggest Video Game Failures in History

Many people hyped about games, and this is for good reason. Prominent games are big productions with huge marketing budgets. Sometimes it happens that big games fail, and sometimes they fail enormously. Here we have a list of 8 games everyone wanted to be good.

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Gamingchange1425d ago

These are not as fail as you mention some of them are really enjoyable and playable games

Dreaming-Art1425d ago

can you mention any one in your comment which will you think are good game?
prove your opinion

m-s-8-21425d ago

Yes, prove your opinion.


Linkz9731424d ago

I dont know why but that LOL made me laugh so hard i could picture you saying it in a sarcastic assholish way lololollololololollollol

Hamzaali1425d ago

Too Human . :/ disapoint me

Jerrymonics1425d ago

i think the biggest failer in history Brink

Mutant-Spud1425d ago

Nobody played it, that's why it failed, there was nothing fundamentally wrong with the gameplay.

Angrymorgan1425d ago

I was expecting more from brink...

Rimeskeem1425d ago

Brink..... my friend payed full price for that game. He still considers it the worst mistake of his gaming life.

Captain_Wormy1425d ago

How is E.T. not on the bloody list? That game was so bad they had to bury it.

ChrisW1425d ago

My thoughts exactly, but that dead horse has been beaten and buried as well.

The title should say, "Biggest Video Game Failures in Recent History."

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The story is too old to be commented.