PSN is now up and running for all platforms

All platforms should be able to connect to psn by now. It's still not fully restored but you can play and enjoy your online games that we all missed during Christmas.

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Septic1151d ago

Nice. Well this must have been a nightmare, not just for gamers but also network engineers working over Christmas.

It's crazy how much mainstream news coverage this got. Lizard squad must feel like ballers. Antisocial, secluded, virgin ballers.

SlapHappyJesus1151d ago

"Lizard squad must feel like ballers. Antisocial, secluded, virgin ballers."

He laughed far too hard at this.

SlapHappyJesus1151d ago

I meant "I".
Honestly no idea (can probably blame the alcohol).

AliTheSnake11151d ago

Still down for me. PS4
Works on Vita. Never was down on PS3.
But PS4 was and still is Down.

AliTheSnake11151d ago

UPDATE: PSN works for me when I Decreased the MTU to 1473. You do that by going to network settings, custom network.

SolidStoner1150d ago

hope you will meet one of those stinky lizards and punch them in the face very hard...

AC2020x1150d ago

Unfortunately, they definitely got what they wanted. Good thing the PSN is back up and working for me. Time to get back to my stories.

Wizard_King1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

If I paid for this service (Which I don't lol) I would be measurably upset with Sony for firstly still being taken down by simple DDOS attacks and secondly for not setting up more secure infrastructure by now.

This applies to MS aswell. It is sad that both multi billion dollar companies gets taken down annually by these different groups of loosers. Time and time again. Being a primarily PC gamer I don't suffer from this issue, but I feel as you guys are paying for this you deserve better and more protection.

On a side note it has take Sony significantly longer to get their show up and running than MS did. I believe it was just over 1 day for MS, correct me if I'm wrong. Why does Sony take so much longer? Down 3.5 times longer right now for the same attack, with no access to single player games. I thought pre-release Sony touted games on PS4 being always available OFFLINE after the MS #dealwithit crap.

p.s. not pro MS, don't own either consoles. it is what it is.

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Orbilator1150d ago

I got a crazy idea:-
Why dont m$ or Sony start a kickstarter campagn to raise 1 million pounds to give to the person that names and provides locations for all the lizard squad members, that is verifyable obviously, and leads to prosecution. I wonder how much loyalty would be lost when money became an issue. Wonder how long it would take to hit that target.

I'm not saying thats the answer, as they are a large collective, but im pretty sure theres a place for everyone were loyalty disappears over greed

SkippyPaccino1150d ago

I'll only donate if they receive the firing squad...

CorndogBurglar1150d ago

Mine was back up last night. Glad to see its up and running for everyone now.


its sunday afternoon and my friend who i damn near talked into getting a ps4 s few weeks ago still hasnt been able to connect since thursday.

AceBlazer131150d ago

still isn't working for me. guess i'm just that lucky huh. Oh and the live chat chose a perfect time to not be available as well, just perfect timing all around sony.Yay!

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BigBosss1151d ago

About time!

Damn these Lizard Squad!

sanosukegtr1231151d ago

We need an a few Eagles to hunt them down.

badz1491151d ago

By eagles, you meant FREEDOM?

uth111151d ago

Finally! Now maybe I can get my new ps tv up and running

NovusTerminus1151d ago

Yay! Now I can play some Freedom War's multiplayer!

slappy5081151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

I really want to get this game! His awesome is it?

NovusTerminus1150d ago

I absolutely love it. It is a hunting game akin to MH, but the grappling hook adds alot of depth to it. and the gunplay works very well.

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me about it.

Revengeance1151d ago

Hopefully this will stay this way for the future.