PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U – Who Won 2014?

Valuewalk writes:"2014 was a year in which the next generation of consoles slowly morphed into the current generation. Of the three video games consoles available, the Nintendo Co., Ltd (TYO:7974)(OTCMKTS:NTDOY) Wii U had been available for long enough that it was pretty much already considered current gen anyway. But with the Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE)(TYO:6758) PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Xbox One both available for over 12 months now, we are better placed to assess where the three manufacturers stand in the early days of the eighth console generation."

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Rimeskeem1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )


I know right : P

Applejack1387d ago

Although that's the most cliche answer you can give, it's the truth.

PeaSFor1387d ago

Gamers, then ps4 owners with BloodBorne.

Septic1387d ago

Wii U
Xbox One

In that order for me.

XisThatKid1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Sony, MS, and Nintendo to be honest.

mcstorm1386d ago

For me it was about Mario Kart 8, smash bros, Bayonetta 2, Halo MCC, Horizon 2 and Titanfall.
I have less time to game but these are the games I got excited about.

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bubblebobble1387d ago

i know one thing i would not swop my ps4 for a xbox 1 nor a wii u

Pogmathoin1387d ago

Sckipt, you speak truth, but it hurts people. If you go by sales, PS4.... Xbox though, is the polar opposite of 2013, so I would say they had the best year..... For games, easily Xbox as well, though PS4 has a lot coming forward.... But really, maybe N4G is not the right place to ask that question,

NukaCola1387d ago

I wish the Wii U would pick up momentum. It has such a great line up of games and more are coming! It's just a shame the console lags so far behind the others in technology that it wont get that boost it needs. I hope by E3 we start seeing more heavy hitters.

higgins781387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Its not the technology which has stopped the Wii U becoming market leader, its the distinct lack of chav fodder...the exact reason I stick with Nintendo. Nintendo may never lead the home console market race again - at least for the foreseeable future, however. Where Nintendo will continue to lead is experiences, fun, games and polish, if such trivial things should matter to you.

Rimgal1387d ago

Neither. The Ouya won /s

slutface1387d ago

Ps4....this is without a price drop.

MRMagoo1231387d ago

easily, if sales are anything to go by and that is pretty much the indicator of how the general public sees your console. If a truth serum was given to every one and they were asked who won 2014 out of the WiiU, Xbone and the PS4 100% the PS4 would be the answer. There is no other way around it, the PS4 dominated 2014 easily and looks to do so in 2015.

Thats not to say owners of any console will enjoy their choice of console any more or less than the other because of that fact but sales is the only FACT we can use, some people may like the games better on one console over the other but that is all subjective.

MeliMel1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Says the delusional fanboy who thinks they speak for everyone. Truth serum would tell you I had more fun playing on Xbox One than i did on PS4. FACT!

BTW- Im pretty sure if I gave you truth serum and asked are you a PS fanboy who hates anything Xbox and talk mad shit just like all the other fanboys on this site...oh the answer would be an unequivocal YES!!!

Oh and by your logic since its selling well its the best. I bet you think Iphones are the best phones...well since it sells the best or that Beats are the best

P...y sells well too dont mean it wont stink once in awhile.

Edit: not getting defensive about PS4 or Xbox One(I owned both at one point) being better. And i dont play sales. I play games and just letti g you know where I had my most fun and that was, is Xbox One. I get defensive when others try to speak for me or seem to think whats best for me. You dont have that say so for me. You can speak for your other fanboy friends, just dont do it for me! Now shouldn't you be gaming on your favorite console. You spend more time spewing your Love for PS4 than actually playing it.

MRMagoo1231387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@ meli

Who was talking about more fun ? We are talking about who won 2014 and that is PS4. Getting defensive like that just proves you are the fanboy here, even resorting to insults to show your small intellect. We can only judge the consoles by sales because games are subjective that's all there is to it and ps4 is well well ahead. Welcome to ignore.

Strikepackage Bravo1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

How can you say Ps4? The only thing it did was sell, but the couple exclusives it got were duds, PSN is horribly unreliable, the console is still basically a Ps3.5 because Sony is updating way too slow. And now Xbox is the price leader at $350.

MRMagoo1231387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Yeh all it did was sell double the nearest competition ,do you guys not think anything through ?? Why did it sell double ? It's not because people hate the ps4 is it. It's because it's preferred over the other consoles, no one's forced to buy ps4 they have free will to choose what ever console they want and sales prove without a doubt people want ps4 more than any other console and not even by a tiny margin but by a huge margin. Just because you don't see it that way because of biased views of your own doesn't change this cold hard FACT.

iistuii1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@magoo it sold near double because it was £100 cheaper. I was always on Xbox 360 but once both consoles came out with 90% of the same games, most of us went for the PS4. That's why MS has been selling like crazy lately, because they did what they should have done from the start. Got rid of kinetic & undercut the opposition.

MRMagoo1231386d ago


If the price was the reason explain why the ps4 is still selling more every week world wide ?

Ju1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Of course price is the reason. Same why XO sells more in the last two months. The incentive isn't just the $50 but also the free games which makes this almost $100 (or even more, if you factor those at full price). So, yes, of course it's the price. PS4 had the advantage of a solid offering and probably a value proposition which would allow it to sell at a higher price - which the XO never had; it is the weaker of the two, so it simply can't be more expensive. How long this will work for the PS4 is another question. If MS will continue selling the XO at $350 Sony will drop price of the PS4 sooner then later as well. Actually, 2015 - and US only - might just work for Sony. 2014 is already wrapped up, US economy is bouncing back and the US$ is on the rise. HW had been optimized for a while now. Given all those circumstances - and ongoing pressure from MS might Sony actually give a chance to lower the price.

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StarLord_Who1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Wii U, better games, less moronic fanboys AND the games work on day one.


Morgue1386d ago

You forgot too add that Lizard Squad didn't even bother disrupting the online for Wii U so yeah...

saint_seya1386d ago

U said less moronics fanboys, the irony in that comment.. #or is just that you consider that you are only one of the few?

Movieworld1385d ago

Wii U has the worst online multi player and no new 3rd party games. No FIFA no GTA no COD no Assasins Creed. Its a good second console but that's it. And that's coming from somebody who has owned every Nintendo console from NES days and just bought my first ever console that wasn't Sega or Nintendo

DanzoSAMA1386d ago

without a price drop ?? lol Do you live under a rock or what ?

slutface1386d ago

ummmm sony didnt officially drop it's was store specific. if sony did officially drop the price you bet your sweet behind it will be plastered on n4g on every thread! the offical price is still $399!!!!

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mezati991387d ago

not this shit again....these articles are getting really annoying

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